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As a student completing a Graduate Certificate in Low Vision Rehabilitation or the Multitiered Approach to Trauma or the Clinical Doctorate in Occupational Therapy degree (ODT), you qualify to pay in-state graduate tuition fees regardless of the state or country in which you reside.

Tuition rates are calculated per credit hour and graduate students are charged more tuition than undergraduate students. Distance education students must also pay an additional online course fee for each course taken during the semester.

To give you an example: For an online 3-credit course you would be charged the in-state graduate tuition rate multiplied by 3 (for each credit hour) plus an additional online course fee.

The link below takes you to the tuition page for the UAB School of Health Professions. Keep in mind that the page includes the graduate and undergraduate tuition rates for on-campus students and the cost differential for in-and out of state tuition.

When reviewing the table—remember—you pay the graduate tuition rate for an in-state (Alabama resident) student regardless of where you reside.

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