The following scholarships are awarded to students in the Doctor of Physical Therapy program:

TherapySouth Sponsored Scholarship Award

HealthSouth Scholarship - The HealthSouth Scholarship is an academic scholarship awarded to student(s) in the first year of the entry-level professional degree program. Selection is based on academic merit and financial need. Applicants must be a native of the State of Alabama. Applications must be made by early September prior to entering the program. Awardees are notified of the award before entering the program in January.

Shirley A. Shaddeau Memorial Scholarship Fund - The Shirley A. Shaddeau Memorial Scholarship Fund is awarded to a student entering the final year of study. Selection is based on academic merit, financial need, and expression of commitment to the profession of physical therapy. Students are notified of application deadline during fall semester.

For more information about scholarships, contact Program Director Jennifer Christy, Ph.D., at