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  • Evista is an "estrogen imitator" but is not a hormone. It acts like estrogen in the bones by making the bones stronger but does not act like estrogen in the breast, so it does not increase the risk of breast cancer. In fact, it actually lowers the risk of one type of breast cancer.
  • Approved for both the treatment and prevention of osteoporosis
  • Evista increases bone density at both the hip and the spine and lowers your chances of breaking a bone in your spine (called "vertebral fractures").
  • Evista lowers your risk of the most common type of breast cancer called "invasive" breast cancer.


  • In some women, Evista may increase hot flashes (usually women who are in early menopause).
  • Women at risk for Deep Vein Thrombosis (blood clots in the lower legs) should not take Evista.
  • If you have ever been told that you are at risk for stroke, Evista could increase that risk. However, in the studies on Evista the women who took it were no more likely to have a stroke than the women who took a placebo (sugar pill).