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A green line illustration of a lotus flower that serves as the MHA logo.The Mental Health Promotion Ambassadors (MHA) program is a unique peer-to-peer mental health promotion program developed by Dr. Robin Lanzi, Professor of Health Behavior and Honors College Faculty Fellow, together with Angela Stowe, PhD, director of Student Counseling Services and Wellness Promotion, and Juhee Agrawal, Honors College student and president of Active Minds. The program was established in 2019; it was originally conceived through Dr. Lanzi’s Honors College Faculty Fellows initiative.

Under this leadership, students develop mental health campaigns for their peers — focusing on mental health awareness, resiliency, and self-care — as well as practical skills for addressing concerns, information on mental health services, and activities on campus. Ambassadors play a key role in the development of a mental health promotion section on Canvas, which will house the materials used for the ambassadors’ presentations, plus messages from students, ideas for mindfulness exercises, and other resources. They also develop social media messages.

As a Mental Health Promotion Ambassador, students have the unique opportunity to create educational resources for fellow students and leave a lasting impact on the mental health climate within our program, school, and beyond.

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