Happy Budgeting: Saving, investing to meet financial goals

Stephanie Yates
Financial Columnist

The difference between saving and investing is the timeframe involved. Saving typically involves setting money aside to meet financial goals within one year. Investing is more long-term. That means that we should be willing to take on a bit more risk due to our longer time horizon. That also means that the vehicles we use would differ also.

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Opioid Epidemic: Time to modernize treatment

Newspaper 14bw

Illustration by Leisha Chambers

Elliott Greene
Opinion Columnist

By the time you finish reading this paper, someone in the United States will have died of a drug overdose. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports more deaths by overdose than firearms and car crashes combined.

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Happy Budgeting: Student-friendly budgeting in 3 steps

Stephanie R. Yates
Director and Endowed Professor, UAB Regions Institute for Financial Education

Do you have trouble sticking to your budget? Do you even have a budget? Your college years are often your first experience with managing your own money, so budgeting is a great place to start.

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From the desk of the Campus editor: Advocacy not free speech

Sufia Alam
Campus Editor

On Sept 22. While campaigning for Sen. Luther Strange in Huntsville, President Donald J. Trump decided to vent his thoughts on the actions of the National Football League football players kneeling during the national anthem to the millions of Americans watching him on television.

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