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Student Conduct Records and Record Retention

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Important provisions regarding the University’s retention of conduct records:

  • The case file, including audio recordings or transcripts of the Hearing, will be retained in Community Standards & Student Accountability as part of the Responding Party’s conduct record for seven (7) years from the date of resolution.
  • Conduct records may be retained for longer periods of time or permanently, as specified in the sanction(s) or if the sanction(s) is considered incomplete.
  • Conduct records including the sanction of Conduct Suspension, Recognition Suspension, Conduct Expulsion, or Recognition Revocation shall be retained permanently. Conduct records designated as "permanent" shall not be voided except under very rare circumstances with unusual and compelling justification.
  • No earlier than two (2) calendar years after completion of all sanctions associated with a case, an individual may request in writing via an online form available from Community Standards & Student Accountability that their conduct record related to a Minor Violation of the Code be expunged early. Additional information about record early expungement can be found here.
  • Conduct records related to an Administrative Resolution are considered internal to the University but may be disclosed as part of the Conduct Procedures.
  • Conduct records where there is a finding of not responsible are considered internal to the University and are not disclosed as part of a Student’s or Organization’s conduct history.
  • Conduct records related to an individual Student are protected and shall be maintained pursuant to the University’s Student Records Policy and applicable privacy laws, including limited exceptions that permit disclosure without a Student’s consent. Any portions of conduct records related to a Student Organization that do not contain identifiable student information are generally not protected from disclosure.
  • Students may review their conduct records in accordance with the University’s Student Records Policy.
  • Appropriate University Officials may be notified of any findings or sanction(s). A Student Organization’s primary advisor and any parent organization staff may also be notified of any alleged violation(s), findings, or sanction(s). Additionally, (a) an individual who, while they were a Student or University employee, was an alleged victim of a crime(s) of violence (as defined in FERPA) or (b) a non-University affiliated victim of an alleged violation(s) of Sexual Misconduct, as defined in Section V.P. of the Code, that occurs within the boundaries defined by the UAB Annual Security and Fire Safety Report, shall be notified in writing of the outcome of the Conduct Procedures in accordance with applicable laws.