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The Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs Team (ATOD Team) serves students with substance-related concerns. Services are individualized, based on students’ needs. Students may request consultation with a counselor for more information about the team.

Our ATOD team consists of licensed practitioners who have had experience working specifically in substance abuse. They are available for a variety of services related to these concerns.

For more information about these services or to schedule an appointment to talk to a counselor, please call 205-934-5816 or come by our office at the Student Health and Wellness Center, 1719 9th Ave., S.

Overview of Related Services

  • eCheck-Up to Go

    eCheck-Up to Go

    Student Counseling Services offers eCHECK UP TO GO for Alcohol and Marijuana. These self-guided educational modules and self-assessments are customized for UAB students and provide personalized feedback based on students’ own individual drinking patterns, specific health and personal consequences unique personal and family risk factors, campus and community support and emergency services. Individualized reports may be used to assist in goal-setting and planning for counseling support.

    Alcohol eCheck-Up to Go

    Marijuana eCheck-Up to Go

  • Screening


    Counseling Services utilizes the AUDIT (alcohol concerns) and the DAST-10 (drug concerns) to screen for substance abuse concerns. These screening tools can allow for students and counselors to begin determining the level of concern for a student regarding substance use.

  • Assessment and Evaluation

    Assessment and Evaluation

    Students who are at higher risk for substance abuse concerns may participate in a full assessment by one of our trained and experienced substance abuse counselors. Students will be provided treatment options based on the evaluation of the counselor. A full assessment consists of two components:

    • Questionnaires and Assessment Tools to be completed ahead-of-time by student
      • Counseling Services Intake form (include depression & anxiety screenings)
      • University of Rhode Island Change Assessment Scale (URICA)
      • DSM-5 Cross-cutting Symptom Measures
    • Clinical interview with structured assessment administered by a counselor
  • Treatment


    Students who are determined to be of moderate risk and deemed appropriate for outpatient intervention may participate in a brief intervention program provided by substance abuse counselors at Student Counseling Services. Further recommendations may be offered and made part of the treatment plan developed with the student. In addition to the 5-session brief intervention program, students may participate in individual therapy.

  • Referral


    Students who are determined to be of high risk and in need of treatment beyond the scope of the outpatient, brief intervention model available in Student Counseling Services will be provided guidance and support in connecting to the appropriate treatment resources. In addition to a treatment referral, Counseling Services may request an outside evaluation as a second opinion or recommend a medical withdrawal for a student at high risk who is not appropriate to be in the academic setting.