Student Counseling Services partners with Student Health Services to offer comprehensive, evidence-based medical and mental health care for transgender and gender non-conforming students. Services available include: primary health care, gynecologic and urologic care, sexual health care, mental health services, hormonal treatment, and consultation about surgical options.

To schedule an appointment
with a medical provider in the sexual health clinic, schedule through the patient portal or call (205) 934-3580.

To schedule an appointment
with a mental health provider, call (205) 934-5816 or visit Student Counseling Services at the Student Health and Wellness Center, 1714 9th Avenue, South.

Trans Inclusive Health Care

  • Trans-affirming training for all SHW staff
  • Advanced training for mental health providers to provide supportive counseling and author letters of referral for hormones
  • Identified medical providers trained in medical assessment and prescribing gender confirming hormones
  • Informed consent process for feminizing and masculinizing hormones

Student Health Services Sexual Health Clinic Gender Confirming Hormone (GCH) Consultation

Students interested in learning more about GCH may schedule a consultation with a sexual health clinic provider to discuss the following:

  • Initial consultation and patient history
  • Physical exam and labs
  • Discussion of risks and informed consent
  • Cost, payment, and insurance coverage
  • Continuing care
  • Campus and community support resources

Student Counseling Services Sexual Health Clinic Gender Identity Consultation

Students interested in GCH may meet with a mental health provider who can provide the following support services:

  • Explore gender transition options
  • Facilitate understanding client’s personal story and social history
  • Facilitate understanding of family history and explore support systems
  • Discuss medical and mental health history
  • Provide knowledge and explore expectations of gender confirming hormones
  • Provide letter to healthcare provide in Student Health Services
  • Provide continuing care and ongoing mental health support for someone in transition