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2023 BSAC 7th Annual Stroll Off Competition


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    Dear UAB NPHC Organizations,

    We are so excited to announce the BSAC 7th Annual Stroll Competition!

    This competition will take place during UAB Homecoming Week on Friday, October 18 at 7pm in the Hill Student Center Ballroom.

    This event will serve as not only an exciting competition for those in attendance but a meaningful celebration of a great tradition. This will also serve as an opportunity for our alumni to come back to UAB and network with undergraduate students. Proceeds from this competition will go towards funding scholarships.

    Please review the competition information that includes information on the competition rules, scoring guidelines, and an application for your Alumni members to participate as non-competing performers.

    We hope that you will have a wonderful time competing, connecting with new people and representing your individual organizations. Please complete the application by 5pm on Friday, October 4, 2019.

    Go Blazers!

    Tickets are available at One Stop

  • Stroll Competition Rules

    Rules and Regulations

    The Judging Criteria shall be as follows: for a total of sixty (60) points:

    • 15 points — Originality/ Creativity- Was thought put into the routine? Is the routine unique? How likely are the judges to have seen a similar routine before?
    • 15 points — Synchronization/Precision- Carrying out precise rhythmic syncopation of beats. Is the entire team moving on one accord?
    • 10 points — Uniform- The entire team is dressed cohesively in a way that contributes positively to the theme and the routine.
    • 10 points — Difficulty- The routine displays significant levels of complexity. Safe and practiced stunts are allowed and encouraged.
    • 5 points — Crowd Reaction- How does the crowd react (positive or negative) to the routine and to what extent to they react?
    • 5 points — Theme- The performance is clearly centered around one central idea, emotion, etc. in an effort to contribute to the cohesiveness of the performance.

    Run Down:
    1.  There will be 1 (one) round of strolling for the undergraduate participant chapters.
    2.  The first round will consist of each chapter strolling to the music of their choice.
    3.  The top two teams (sorority and fraternity) will advance to the “Head-to-Head Stroll Off”.
    4.  One winner will be chosen for sorority and fraternity.

    Participation Criteria:
    1.   Competing chapters must be undergraduate members of the NPHC Greek Organizations at a college or university in the state of Alabama.
    2.  Each stroll team will have a minimum of 4 minutes to perform, this includes: intro and exit. Each team will have a maximum of 8 minutes to perform. Each performance will be timed the moment the music starts.
    3.  Each stroll team will consist of a minimum of two (2) performers and a maximum of ten (10)
    4.  Profanity and sexually explicit material/music will be not allowed. Not complying will result in disqualification. If a team member is found to be grossly unsportsmanlike – such as disruption to the show, the team will be disqualified.
    5.  Stroll teams assume all risk in its performance of all activities authorized by an agreement and is responsible for all actions whatsoever committed by your team that may cause harm or injury to persons or property.
    6.  Props will be allowed during any performance. Teams will be allowed to have two persons from their organization to assist them with their props and/or technical support during their performance. These persons will also serve as the attendant(s) for their team.
    7.  Each team is responsible for the set up and break down of their stage props, unless there is on-site cleaning personnel provided by the venue.
    8.  There will be a show walk through for the stroll competition for each team participating. Dates and times for walk through will be discussed and assigned after applications are processed.
    9.  Each team will be required to submit the music for their show by 5pm on Friday, October 13, 2023.

    Point Reductions and Disqualifications:


    1.  For every minute your team exceeds eight (8) minutes will result in a ten (10) point reduction per minute from team’s final score.
    2.  Teams that pull audience members from the crowd will receive a 20 point reduction.


    1.  Grossly unsportsmanlike conduct
    2.  Foul language or music
    3. Nudity or stripping
    4. Graduate members that perform as a part of an undergraduate team and not recognized as an exception will result in disqualification.
  • There will be one winner for both sororities and fraternities. The following stroll show prizes are:

    Stroll Competition – 1st Place – Trophy for Sorority and Fraternity

  • 2019 BSAC/NPHC Stroll Competition Application

    Thank you for your participation in the BSAC/NPHC Homecoming Stroll Competition. Please complete this form by 5pm on October 4, 2019.
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  • UAB NPHC Alumni Participants

    Thank you for your participation in the BSAC Annual Homecoming Stroll Competition. Please complete this form by 5:30pm on Sunday, October 8th.

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