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Which Immunizations do I need?

Medical clearance and immunization requirements differ depending on your program of study and when you began school at UAB. All immunizations can be received at the immunization clinic at Student Health Services. For the cost of each vaccine, visit our Fee Schedule.

Immunization Level

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Immunization Requirements

Most non-clinical students taking only online Q-code courses will be exempt from the immunization/TB requirements. Some programs are not exempt based on their school’s requirements. If in the future you register for a course that meets on campus (hybrid and remote courses included), you will be required to satisfy the immunization requirements at that time.


All students who matriculated (began classes) prior to Summer 2016 and used the web-based medical clearance services provided by CertifiedBackground.com (also known as Castlebranch) can log in to CertifiedBackground.com and retrieve their records. Please view THIS DOCUMENT for complete instructions on how to retrieve your records from CertifiedBackground. These records can then be submitted to Student Health Services via the Patient Portal under medical clearance.


For more information regarding the UAB Immunization Policy, please select the appropriate option.



Student Health Patient Portal Updates 01/03/2023



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