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Health Insurance & Billing

  • 1. Which students at UAB must have health insurance?

    Full time student’s enrolled in a degree seeking program must have health insurance.

    • Undergratuates registered for 9+ hours
    • Graduate Students enrolled in a program that requires coverage
    • All students enrolled in clinical programs (regardless of registered hours)
    • All international students (regardless of registered hours)
  • 2. Does UAB offer a Student Health Insurance Plan?

    Yes. The current UAB SHIP is provided by United Healthcare Student Resources. For students who are required to have insurance and do not waive out of the SHIP, the charge for this coverage will be added to the student’s account. Once the waiver is submitted and the coverage is confirmed, the charge will be removed from the student’s account.

  • 3. How do I pay for a visit when I come in?

    All services are billed to Health Insurance first. Anything remaining after the insurance carrier pays will be billed to the student (most often mailed to the billing address the student has on file).

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Medical Care

  • 1. Can I be treated over the phone?

    Because of the complex nature of health problems, it is difficult for a provider or nurse to make a decision over the phone. You will likely be advised to come in to the SHS to be evaluated.

  • 2. What care is offered to Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)?

    A Student Health Services provider will perform an initial evaluation and, if warranted, the student will be referred to Psychology for definitive adult testing. Depending on the results of that testing, students may elect to be managed at SHS under our ADD/ADHD Stimulant Contract agreement. If an evaluation has already been performed within the last 5 years, after these records are obtained students may also transfer their ADD/ADHD care to SHW.

  • 3. Do you have after-hour care?

    The student has access to an on-call provider at all times by calling (205)934-3411 and following the prompts. Ask for the provider on-call at Student Health Services. The provider will provide guidance as to the appropriate course of action. If the student needs to be seen, the UAB and UAB Highlands Emergency Rooms are available and several after- hours acute care clinics are open in the immediate Birmingham area.

Privacy & Confidentiality

Immunization & TB Screening

  • 4. What are the new student immunization requirements?

    Students can review their immunization requirements through the interactive Medical Clearance page that allows each student to determine their level of immunizations required for their program.

  • 5. What should I do if I cannot find record of my immunization?

    • If you are an Alabama resident, please log in to the Patient Portal to check your immunizations. Some of your vaccinations might already be on file from the state regiatry. If your Primary Care physician used the Alabama state registry and submitted your blue card there, we can retrieve that information for you. If you are stilll unsure of your requirements, please contact the medical clearance department via the Patient Portal.
    • If you are not an Alabama resident, contact your local Health Department for assistance.
    • If you would prefer have a blood test to check your immunity, you can schedule an appointment at SHS for that. For assistance with this, please contact the Medical Clearance department via the Patient Portal.

  • 6. What will happen if I do not meet the immunization requirements?

    All students who do not meet the immunization requirement will receive a registration hold. Holds will not be lifted until the student has met the immunization requirement.

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