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  • 3-peat on ice: UAB takes crown — again — in global Freezer Challenge
    Researchers across campus partnered with UAB Sustainability to save nearly 1 million kilowatt-hours of electricity and earn highest honors in the International Laboratory Freezer Challenge for the third year in a row. Find out how they did it.
  • New partnership enables researchers to share supplies, reduce costs
    Research requires materials from the largest pieces of equipment to the smallest microcentrifuge tubes. When there are extra materials, University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) researchers send them to the UAB Surplus Warehouse for proper processing and disposal. While other researchers can comb through the supplies and take them back to their labs, it’s been a tedious task as it can’t be done online. UAB Sustainability has partnered with a shared resource platform – Rheaply – to make sharing supplies as easy as a click of a button.
  • UAB hosts first ever in-person Health Promoting Universities Summit Presidents Panel
    The Health Promoting University Presidents Panel was just one part of the larger U.S. Health Promoting Campuses Network Summit, which brought together over 170 participants from universities across the country.


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