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  1.  Name:  The name of the organization may contain, but cannot start with, "UAB."
  2.  Membership:  The organization must have 5 active members.
  3.  Faculty Staff Advisor:  The organization must have a full-time UAB faculty or staff member serve as the advisor who will serve as the Engage primary administrator.
  4.  Constitution:  Each organization much provide a copy of the organization's constitution. It must include the current UAB Nondiscrimination Clause. A template for generating a constitution is provided in the RSO Handbook.
  5.  Tax ID/Funding: Any group that handles money must maintain proper financial accounts. These accounts should not be the same as any one individual's account and should be set up by applying for a Tax ID (called EIN by the IRS) specific to the group. Organizations must have a Tax ID to request funding from USGA.
  6. Registration: Only when you have completed steps 1-5, register the new organization through Engage to apply to become a UAB Registered Student Organization.


More detailed directions may be found in the RSO Handbook.