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12/02/2014 Gift of Sight, 2014
07/19/2014 July Black Belt Adult Eye Care Clinic
07/04/2014 Bridge Funding for the 2014-2015 has been approved... [Full Story]
12/16/2013 2013 Holiday Call for Art Card
11/22/2013 A ticket to ride: UAB program opens doors to drivers who are sight-impaired [Full Story]
11/22/2013 Alabama Vision Summit
Free educational seminar presented by EyeSight Foundation of Alabama, UAB Callahan Eye Hospital, Prevent Blindness America
Friday, Nov 22 8:30AM - 3:30PM at The Club, Birmingham, AL
10/29/2013 VSGP Dissertation Defense.  “Comparison of Low Abundance Biomarker Levels in Capillary-collected Non-stimulated Tears and Washout Tears of Aqueous-deficient and Normal Patients " By Nicole M. Guyette
Henry Peters Building, Room 203 at 12 noon
07/12/2013 VSGP Dissertation Defense.  “Predictive modeling of ocular surface disease states using multiple inflammatory biomarkers" By John Bradley, OD
Worrell bldg Conference Room at 12 noon
07/12/2013 VSGP Dissertation Defense. “The Role of Autosomal Dominant Retinitis Pigmentosa Rhodopsin Mutant Ter349Glu in Rod Cell Biogenesis and Retinal Inflammation " By TJ Hollingsworth
Shelby bldg at 2PM
6/28/2013 The VSRC Visiting Scholars Program presents:
“Biophysics of photoreception for non-image vision”
Michael Do , Ph.D., Assistant Professor Department of Neurology, Center for Brain Science F.M. Kirby Neurobiology Center Boston Children’s Hospital Harvard Medical School
6/18/2013 ‘Rebuilding the Kidney: Oh the Possibilities’
Lisa M. Curtis , PhD, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Medicine/Nephrology
6/18/2013 'The Deprivation Stops Here: Amblyopia and Primary Visual Cortex'
Lawrence Sincich , PhD, Assistant Professor of Vision Sciences
5/21/2013 ‘ARVO Highlights Special Symposium’
presented by the ARVO attendees
04/16/2013 The Vision Research Seminar will be held at Volker Hall in Lecture Room C at 12 noon
Topic: ‘Overview of facilities and services’   
by Karan Singh, PhD, Director, and Sejong Bae, Ph.D., Co-Director Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Shared Facility (BBSF)
04/19/2013 Vision Science Research Center Visiting Scholar’s Program
Brian Wandell, PhD, Isaac and Madeline Stein Family Professor, Stanford University 
Topic: Visual neuroscience, functional and structural MRI along with behavior testing and modeling         
Faculty Host: Kristina Visscher, PhD
at the Conference Room, Worrell Bldg at 12 noon

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