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Vision Science Research Center Visiting Scholars Program 
LSincich Timothy Gawne, PhD
Director, VSRC Visiting Scholars Program
(205) 934-5495

10/13/2023 Bartlett W. Mel, PhD Host: Allan Dobbins, PhD
  Dendrites lie at the crux of a customizable cortical computing architecture  
05/20/2022 P. Michael Iuvone, PhD, FARVO Host: Tim Gawne, PhD
  Retinal Dopamine and Circadian Clocks:  Roles in Eye Development, Function, and Dysfunction  
04/22/2022 Christopher Passaglia, PhD Host: Crawford Downs, PhD
  Continuous Monitoring and Control of Intraocular Pressure in Conscious Rats  
04/02/2021 Martin Banks, PhD Host: Timothy Gawne, PhD
  Binocular vision & oculomotor behavior are adapted to the statistics of the natural environment  
01/08/2021 Lisa M. Renzi-Hammond, PhD Host: Christine A. Curcio, PhD
  From Retina to Brain: Macular Carotenoids, and the Development of the Neural Efficiency Hypothesis  
11/20/2020 Tiffany M. Schmidt, PhD Host: Karen Gamble, PhD
  Illuminating Circadian Circuits  
11/06/2020 Steven M. Silverstein, PhD Host: Junghee Lee, PhD
  Disturbances of Retinal Structure and Function in Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders, and their Clinical Implications  
10/23/2020 Alexandra Benavente-Pérez, MCOptom MS PhD FAAO Host: Thomas Norton, PhD, FAAO
  Where is Myopia Research At?  
05/08/2020 Ian Flitcroft, MA, D.Phil(oxon), MB BS, FRCOphth Host: Timothy Gawne, PhD
  Myopia, Modernism and Mobiles  
03/05/2020 Johan Pahlberg, PhD(NINDS) Host: Steven Pittler, PhD
  How rod photoresponses are processed and parsed into the retinal circuitry  
02/14/2020 Lisa Ostrin, OD, PhD(University of Houston College of Optometry) Host: Timothy Gawne, PhD
  Environmental and behavioral influences on circadian rhythm and eye growth  
01/24/2020 Madineh Sedigh-Sarvestani, PhD(Max Planch Florida Institute) Host: Summer Thyme, PhD
  Visuotopy anchors functional maps in treeshrew visual system  
02/08/2019 Regan Ashby, PhD(University of Canberra) Host: Timothy Gawne, PhD
  "Elucidating the signalling pathways underlying ocular growth"  
01/11/2019 Wei Li, PhD(National Eye Institute) Host: Tom Norton, PhD
  "Neurobiology of the ground squirrel retina and beyond"  
12/07/2018 Felice Dunn, PhD(University of California, San Francisco) Host: Lawrence Sincich, PhD
  "A mature retinal circuit withstands input loss through structural and functional resilience"  
09/07/18 Sabrina Reinehr, PhD(Ruhr University Bochum) Host: Rafael Grytz, PhD
  "Immune alterations in different glaucoma"  
06/15/18 Debora Nickla, PhD(New England College of Optometry) Host: Andrew D. Pucker, OD. PhD
  "Circadian rhythms in eye growth: altered ocular growth rates and altered rhythm parameters"
04/20/18 Gregory Horwitz, PhD(U. Washington) Host: Paul Gamlin, PhD
  “Visual information processing: cones, cortex and color” 
03/30/18 Teresa Puthussery OD, PhD(U. California, Berkeley) Host: Lawrence Sincich, PhD
  "Mechanisms shaping photoreceptor function in the healthy and diseased retina"
02/16/18 Harald Junge, PhD Host: Christine A. Curcio, PhD
  "Mechanisms of Norrin/Frizzled4 Signaling in Retinal Angiogenesis and Blood-Retina Barrier Formation"

Dear Vision Science Researchers:

The Visiting Scholars Program is an seminar series dedicated to communicating scientific results and ideas about vision research between a renowned scholar from another institution and our VSRC affiliates.  The program is enriched by devoting a full day of collegial visits to labs, a cornerstone seminar, and a student-centered luncheon with the visiting scholar.  Every year, suggestions for speakers are solicited from the UAB vision community, and a diverse program is assembled for the academic year.  We represent the full range of vision research, from basic mechanisms of photoreceptor function through to translational efforts to restore vision loss in clinical populations.  The Visiting Scholars Program is funded in part by the University-Wide Interdisciplinary Research Center mechanism and the Dean of the School of Optometry.

Timothy Gawne, PhD
Program Director
VSRC Visiting Scholars Program

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