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Congressman and Mrs. Spencer Bachus Holiday Call for Art Card 

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In 1993, Congressman and Mrs. Bachus began using original art by students in their Christmas card to highlight the talent of local children with disabilities. During this time, the UAB School of Optometry Vision Science Research Center and the UAB School of Education and Human Sciences sponsors a Holiday Card “Call for Art” to all school age children within Alabama’s 6th Congressional District who have been identified as having a visual impairment. This call culminates with a reception honoring all students, parents, and teachers participating in the yearly event. Each entry becomes part of an art exhibit showcased during the reception. All students are individually recognized for their work and receive a Certificate of Participation along with their teacher(s). During this time, many UAB schools and departments have selected a piece of the original work and use it for their holiday card. This project has been on hold whilw seek a replacement spokesperson. If you would like to help revive this program please contact Shirley Wilson at UAB School of Education and Human Sciences at 205-996-6609 or e-mail (sjwilson@uab.edu). 

Holiday Call for Art Card 2014
View participating work of art

Holiday Call for Art Card 2013
View participating work of art

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