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The 2018 Helen Keller Art Show of Alabama

The 2018 Helen Keller Art Show of Alabama artist reception was held Sunday, January 28, 2018 at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute. The artist reception honored students for their artistic abilities and creative works (please click on the 2018 Helen Keller Art Show of Alabama to see pictures and artist bios). There were 37 pieces of art selected from 49 entries submitted. The art work displayed lots of creativity, diversity, talents, and skills. Each year the artist and awards reception is the kick off for the art show as it travels throughout the state (please see the 2018 tour schedule)

The award winners of the 2018 Patty Johnson/Helen Keller Foundation Board and The Colbert County Board of Tourism and Convention Bureau are invited each year by the Foundation board members, and Sue Pilkerton, Executive Director Helen Keller Birthplace Ivy Green. The artists serve as Grand Marshalls’ in the city-wide parade held in Tuscumbia, AL. They are recognized as VIPs and are honored at “The Miracle Worker" play held on the grounds of Ivy Green. The entire art exhibit will be on display across the street from Ivy Green at The Tennessee Valley Museum of Art during the festival.  This is an exciting time for the artist, their families, friends and teachers. 

The 2018 Winner of the Patty Johnson award sponsored by the Helen Keller Foundation Board:

  • Harper Boland, a student at Paine Elementary, Trussville Al. Artwork title: “Under the Sea” 

Winner of the Colbert County Board of Tourism and Convention Bureau:

  • Emily Pedro, a student at Gardendale High School, Gardendale, AL. Artwork title: “Junoeque”

Other Purchase Award winners for 2018 Helen Keller Art Show of Alabama are:

  • UAB SOO/Vision Science Research Education and Outreach Module-“Run Wild with Creativity” by Christopher Roberson, Helen Keller School, Talladega AL
  • The EyeSight Foundation of Alabama—“Dancing with Queen Sophia” by Sophia Gutierrez, Willis Valley Elementary School, Fort Payne, AL.
  • UAB Callahan Eye Hospital– “My Pretty Parrot” by Adalynne Parrish, Childersburg, AL
  • Council for Exceptional Children/Division for Visual Impairments– “Frog Water” Haiden Hawkins, Alabaster, AL
  • UAB School of Education – “Limitless Ideas” by Luis “Ricky” Pastrana, Helen Keller School, Adamsville, AL
  • Drs. John and Nancy Mascia/Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind– “Bird In A Nest” by Dalton Harris, AIDB Talladega, AL
  • Dr. Steven Boyles, Optometrist Atlanta, GA -“Blue Beauty” Tamya Dewitt,  Erwin Middle School, Birmingham, AL
  • Dr. Lawrence Sincich –“Burning Candle” by Daymion Winfrey, AIDB, Talladega, AL

2018 Helen Keller Art Show of Alabama Tour Schedule 


Please take a moment and enjoy an online tour of the wonderful 2018 Helen Keller Art Show of Alabama. Included are photos of the awards and reception event.  2018 Helen Keller Art Show of Alabama

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Shirley Wilson, 205-996-6609 sjwilson@uab.edu 
The exhibit is sponsored in part by VSRC core grant P30 EY003039       

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