Ocular Phenotyping Core

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Core Director
Timothy Kraft, PhD
Associate Core Director
Christine Curcio, PhD
Laboratory Manager
James Fortenberry

New Guidelines for Core Usage to Minimize COVID-19 Infection

Guidelines are currently being drawn up for the Ocular Phenotyping core.  This core is currently operating under Limited Business Operations (Orange).

Support Services

  • Ocular phenotyping
  • Analysis of electrical output of CNS tissues
  • Biostatistics

Core Equipment for Ocular Phenotyping
  • Bioptigen 840 nm UHR SDOCT Optical Coherence Tomography (updated hardware/software 2019) - VH 375A
  • Micron IV Fundus Scope with Slit Lamp and Focal ERG Attachments - VH 375A
  • (new ERG setup almost complete, anticipated November 2020) VH 347
  • OptoKinetic Response (OKR) VH 346