Machine Shop Core

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Core Director
Paul Gamlin, PhD
Associate Core Director
Lawrence Sincich, PhD
Eric Worthington

The Machine Shop Core provides the VSRC members with assistance in design and fabrication of equipment and new research instruments including analog/digital devices and other custom equipment required to successfully conduct research. This Core also helps with maintenance and repairs of existing equipment to minimize downtime due to any equipment failures.

New Guidelines for Core Usage to Minimize COVID-19 Infection

  • Eric Worthington will communicate with Core members regarding new projects either by phone, email or videoconferencing. Contact him at or (205) 934-1684.
  • For new projects, the Core member will describe the needed project and will provide detailed sketches and/or drawings to Mr. Worthington. Worthington will contact the investigator concerning the design for any specifications that may be missing or needed modifications based on manufacturing limitations. Mr. Worthington will then develop a 3D CAD drawing of the requested item. He will send this 3D CAD file to the Core member for approval prior to initiating the project.  Once the item is completed, Mr. Worthington will place it for pick up at a designated item distribution area near the entrance door to the Machine Shop and inform the Core member that it is ready for pick up.
  • In the case of items that need repair or modification, the Core member will communicate with Mr. Worthington via email or phone as indicated above. At an agreed upon time, the Core member will place the item at the designated item distribution area near the entrance door to the Machine Shop.

PPE, Social Distancing and Disinfecting Requirements

  • If at any time it is necessary to meet in person, all parties involved must wear a face mask and maintain a 6-foot separation where possible.

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