The University Writing Center can help your students with any writing project at any stage of the writing process. Our main service is the one-on-one tutoring session, which we offer face-to-face for on-campus students and online for online/distance students. Tutoring sessions are open to UAB students from all discipline and all levels.

Please read on for more info about what we offer and for info about how you can encourage students to use our services.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who can use the UWC?

All current UAB students. We are happy to work with undergraduate and graduate students from all disciplines.

How can you help my students?

In one-on-one sessions, we can assist your students with all aspects of writing! For example, we can help students with understanding writing assignments, brainstorming ideas, revising full drafts, finding and correcting errors, and incorporating and citing sources. Our motto is any student, any type of writing, and any stage of the process.

How much help can students get?

Students can have up to 50 minutes of tutoring per week — two 25-minute sessions or one 50-minute session. Depending on their needs and our availability, we can sometimes give students a third 25-minute session. Students are welcome to come on an as-needed basis, but we also encourage regular visits.

Can I require students to use the writing center?

Generally, students benefit most when they visit the UWC voluntarily. Some faculty offer extra credit for a first-time visit just to get students in the door. Others simply encourage students to use the writing center and remind them that all writers need help. These practices are preferred over requiring students to attend.

Will I know when my student has used the writing center?

At the end of sessions, we ask students if they want us to inform their instructor of their visit. If you would like to know when students use the UWC, you might encourage your students to say yes. Remind them that you think highly of students who visit the UWC!

Note: We always inform English 091, 106, and 107 instructors of writing center visits, since the visits are part of the course curriculum.

How can I tell my students about the writing center?

There are several ways to introduce your students to the UWC:

  1. Include this statement on your syllabus:
    The University Writing Center, located in Sterne Library 175, offers free writing help to all UAB students. In one-on-one sessions, consultants provide feedback at any stage of the writing process and help students learn effective writing processes and strategies. During sessions, you may get help with understanding assignments, developing and organizing your ideas, using and citing sources, finding and correcting sentence-level errors, revising, and much more. The Writing Center is for all levels of writers; all writers need help! To make an appointment or get more information, please see the UWC website (www.uab.edu/writingcenter/). For daily news, like the UWC on Facebook (www.facebook.com/UABWritingCenter) and follow the UWC on Twitter (twitter.com/UABWritingCntr).
  2. Include a link to our website in Canvas (www.uab.edu/writingcenter/).
  3. Share this video with your students through Canvas: How to Use the University Writing Center.
  4. Distribute this pdfFAQ handout in class.
  5. Share the pdfIntroduction to the UWC's services handout.

You can also request a UWC presentation! In just 10-15 minutes, a representative can tell your students about all of our services.

Request Presentation

What else do you offer?

While one-on-one tutoring is our primary service, we also have several 15-minute presentations on common writing topics (see list below). We are available to do these presentations during our open hours.

Request Presentation

You’re also welcome to use the linked presentation materials on your own.