Student using UAB Writing Center from her residence hallWe help writers grow. Our motto is any student, any writing project, and any stage. Read on for more info!

Who can use the UWC?

Any current UAB student! We are happy to help undergraduate and graduate students writing for any discipline. We are also happy to help with personal statements and scholarship and application essays. Thesis and dissertation writers are welcome too.

What are tutoring sessions like?

Tutoring sessions are currently remote. We offer two types: face-to-face tutoring and eTutoring. In face-to-face tutoring, you meet with a tutor via Zoom to get help at any stage of the writing process. These sessions are relaxed and engaging, like talking to a friend or mentor about your writing. In eTutoring, you upload a paper for feedback. This option is super convenient but works best when you can provide a draft, assignment sheet, and notes about what kind of feedback you want.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Log into our scheduling system with your Blazer ID and password. Within this system, you can schedule and cancel appointments, share drafts and notes with your tutor, and access Zoom links and feedback.

I scheduled a face-to-face session. Where can I find my tutor’s Zoom link?

Your tutor’s Zoom link will be in the appointment form in our scheduling system. After you schedule an appointment, you’ll also receive a confirmation email with the link.

I scheduled an eTutoring session. Where can I access my tutor’s feedback?

Your tutor will attach your feedback to your appointment form in our scheduling system. You will also receive an email with the feedback attached.

How long are sessions? How many can I have?

We offer 25-minute and 50-minute tutoring sessions. Students may have two sessions per week. Students are limited to 50 minutes (two short sessions or one long one) during the last three weeks of classes and at other busy times.

Will my professor know I used the UWC?

Only if you want them to! At the end of every session, we write a brief report summarizing what we did. Upon request, we can share this with your professor.

Need help using our scheduling system? Watch our video on Scheduling and Accessing Virtual Appointments. You may also email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for help with scheduling.