Meet the Staff

Amy Cates, Interim Director

Amy Cates, Interim Director

Amy earned her M.A. in English from the University of Montevallo and her B.A. in English from Auburn University. She has been an instructor in the UAB Department of English since 2014. While her writing projects reflect a wide range of interests and multiple genres, her specialty is creative nonfiction.

Fun Facts: Amy read 75 books in 2020, and she puts hundreds of miles on her bike each year. As the pandemic allows, she looks forward to boarding planes, sitting in movie theatres, and wandering around TJMaxx for way too long. Meanwhile, she is on a one-woman mission to keep the postcard stamp relevant and in demand.

Jaclyn Wells, Director

Jaclyn Wells, Director

Jaclyn received a Ph.D. in English (Rhetoric and Composition) from Purdue University in 2010. Her book, Partners in Literacy: A Writing Center Model for Civic Engagement (co-authored with Allen Brizee), describes a three-year engagement project involving the Purdue OWL and two adult literacy organizations in Lafayette, Indiana. Jaci has directed the UWC since 2012. You can read more about her on the Department of English website.

Fun Facts: To date, Jaclyn has never lost a game of Seinfeld trivia. Her corgi mix, Travis, is Instagram famous.

Elizabeth Skinner, Office Associate

Elizabeth Skinner, Office Associate

Elizabeth is the UWC Office Associate and just started working on her M.A. in English at UAB. In undergrad, she had the opportunity to tutor in UAB's writing center and fell in love with tutoring. Her passion for writing, tutoring, and helping others see their writing potential has led her to pursue her current position at the UWC as well as pursue her M.A. in English.

Fun Facts: Elizabeth likes to sit outside as thunderstorms approach, though close to a door so she can flee to safety if necessary, and is a huge Brandon Sanderson fan.

Madison Frost, Graduate Tutor

Madison Frost, Assistant Director

Madison is a current second-year graduate student on the Literature track of the English M.A. program. Before UAB, she attended the University of South Alabama where she obtained her bachelor's degree in English and Secondary Education. After graduating from UAB, Madison hopes to pursue a Ph.D. in British Literature or a career as a college instructor.

Fun Facts: Madison has been to four different countries including the United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Japan. Also, Madison was born on Friday the 13th.

Ashley Tippit, Graduate Tutor

Ashley Tippit, Assistant Director

Ashley is a second year master’s student studying English/Creative Writing. During her undergraduate studies, she focused on Mrs. Dalloway, written by Virginia Woolf. Like Woolf, she is filled with rage and interested in books with queer representation.

Fun Facts: She loves her dog, Oddball, even more than chocolate and she can balance silverware on her nose.

Chase Coats

Chase Coats, Graduate Tutor

Chase graduated in Fall 2018 with a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and a minor in History. He is currently enrolled at UAB's School of Education where he is pursuing a Master's in Secondary Education with a focus in English Language Arts. He looks forward to working with Middle School or High School students to help better prepare them for success in their continued education or in the workforce.

Fun Facts: Chase enjoys attending concerts/sporting events (when there isn't a pandemic), exploring everything the Magic City has to offer, as well as writing short stories and overly vague poetry. He is also a self-proclaimed 90's Hip Hop aficionado. Chase has met Charles Barkley twice, and both times were in the most random locations on Highway 280.

Hannah Cutting

Hannah Cutting, Graduate Tutor

Hannah received her B.A. in English from UAB in Spring of 2018 and is currently working toward her M.A. in English. After receiving her Bachelor’s, Hannah obtained her credential to teach English Language Arts in secondary schools in her home state of California and taught eighth grade. Aside from teaching, her interests in English include just about anything written during the Middle Ages or Renaissance, mythology, and poetry.

Fun Facts: The only souvenirs Hannah gets are postcards or tattoos, sometimes both. She loves bees, coffee, astrology, and playing Dungeons & Dragons on Wednesday nights.

Grace Earwood

Grace Earwood, Undergraduate Tutor

Grace is a junior majoring in Communications with a Concentration in Public Relations and a minor is Business Administration. She loves learning and has had a love for writing since her junior year of high school when she started writing her Senior Thesis. Grace was an athletic tutor last semester and is excited to be a tutor for the UWC this semester.

Fun Facts: While Grace is not at school, you will find her as the Children's Ministry Intern at her home church. She loves children and getting the opportunity to share Christ's love with them.

Kierra Finley

Kierra Finley, Work-Study Tutoring Coordinator

I'm a sophomore from Mobile, AL currently working towards my B.A. in Sociology. Once I graduate, I plan on working at a non-profit organization that focuses on social justice and human rights. In my spare time, I like to listen to music, watch Netflix, and try out new recipes. I also love reading and writing poetry, and I'm currently writing poems to submit to the Poetry Foundation!

Fun Facts: I have hypermobility (double-jointed) in both my shoulder and hip! This means I can pop both in and out of their sockets with ease. I was also born on Friday the 13th with a form of polydactyly so I may or may not be cursed!

Rebecca Foushee

Rebecca Foushee, Workshop Coordinator

Rebecca Foushee graduated from UAB with a B.A. in English Literature and a creative writing minor in December 2018. Currently, she is pursuing her M.A. in English at UAB. She has contributed poetry, a short story, and an essay to UAB’s Aura Literary Magazine. Rebecca is currently researching Edith Wharton’s The House of Mirth and how the novel portrays women’s agency and power in a society with prominent gender roles.

Fun Facts: Rebecca is a comedy movie connoisseur and can quote many movies off the top of her head. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and her cat, Simba.

Alice Grissom

Alice Grissom, Graduate Tutor

In Spring 2020, Alice received B.A.s in History and English (linguistics) from UAB and collected minors in Economics and Women’s and Gender Studies. As an undergraduate, Alice served as an editor on several literary and academic journals and conducted research for an inter-disciplinary undergraduate thesis project on the writings of Gerald of Wales. Now on a gap year, Alice works as a fellow at the Desert Island Supply Co. and is applying to graduate programs in Medieval Studies.

Fun Facts: Alice good-naturedly spearheads the UWC petless tutor coalition, takes coffee black and French-pressed, and enjoys podcasts, nice pens, and martial arts.

Ashleigh Hancock

Ashleigh Hancock, Undergraduate Tutor

Ashleigh is a junior secondary education and English major with a minor in Spanish. Teaching is her passion and future profession, but her other dream job is to be the referee on Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl. You can find her tending her houseplants, dogspotting around campus, or playing the trumpet in UAB’s marching band and concert ensembles whenever she’s not living it up at the library.

Fun Facts: A performer at heart despite her crippling stage fright, Ashleigh is an avid shower singer and an enthusiastic—but objectively terrible—dancer. Her primary weaknesses (varying in severity) include musicals, school supplies, floral print wallpaper, HGTV, and pasta.

Sara Hardy

Sara Hardy, Undergraduate Tutor

Sara is a junior studying History and English with a concentration in Literature. She is the Senior Editor of UAB's Her Campus chapter. After graduating, she hopes to move to New York and pursue a career in publishing.

Fun Facts: Sara has been to 16 countries, but more impressively, she can quote every line from the Disney film Tangled.

Kathryn Hargett

Kathryn Hargett, Undergraduate Tutor

Kathryn Hargett is a junior at UAB studying English literature, creative writing, Chinese, and French. She is the recipient of fellowships from Kundiman, Belgrade Art Studio, and the UAB Honors College. Most recently, she received the 2018 Brittany Noakes Poetry Award and was selected as a National YoungArts Foundation Finalist in Writing. Find her in Best New Poets, BARNHOUSE, Anomaly, The Adroit Journal, The Miami Rail, Tinderbox Poetry Journal, and elsewhere.

Fun Facts: Katy trains in Thai boxing and was part of the University of Nottingham's 2018-19 fighter cohort.

Sam Harris

Sam Harris, Undergraduate Tutor

Sam has earned his A.A. in English at Bevill State Community College. He is currently enrolled as a junior at UAB in pursuit of his B.A. in English with a concentration in literature. His current goal is to eventually earn his Ph.D. in hopes to one day teach at a four-year university. Over the course of his studies, Sam has developed interests in multiple avenues of the artistic and academic world, such as painting, philosophy and music—to name a few.

Fun Facts: Although a lover of poets and admirer of novelists, Sam is a huge theater and cinema geek. He hopes to potentially open his own theater company and to improve his own scriptwriting to maybe see his work grace either the silver screen or the stage someday.

Emma Herr

Emma Herr, Undergraduate Tutor

Emma is a junior majoring in History and English with a concentration in Professional Writing. She is a member of Phi Alpha Theta and a graduate of the Creative Writing department at the Alabama School of Fine Arts. She hopes to use her twin passions for writing and history to pursue a career in museum education or historical journal publishing.

Fun Facts: Emma can talk for hours about Russian history, the rhetorical theory of popular sitcoms, and whatever book she’s read last. She loves to bake (especially with yeast) and appreciates any and all recipes you have to share.

Rachel Houghton

Rachel Houghton, Graduate Tutor

Rachel Houghton is a non-traditional English graduate student with a focus on creative writing. When she does not have her nose buried in a book, you can find her in the garden or experimenting with recipes in the kitchen. She also enjoys spending time with her two cats and her husband.

Fun Facts: Rachel and her husband, Nigel, lived and traveled in a house bus for fourteen years. Two buses, actually. One in the states and one in New Zealand.

Shannon House

Shannon House, Adjunct Tutor

Shannon graduated from UAB with an M.A. in English in April 2019. Before UAB, she received her B.A. in English with a minor in French from the University of South Alabama. During her second year at UAB, she was the Co-Assistant Director of the Writing Center, and she absolutely loved her time spent working with students and her fellow tutors.

Fun Facts: Shannon has an extensive movie collection, but she is particularly interested in horror movies (especially those produced by A24). In her free time (and in non-pandemic circumstances), she loves live music, museums, and road trips.

Brett Hurst

Brett Hurst, Workshop Coordinator

Brett Hurst is a Graduate student on the creative writing track. He got his B.A. in English with a concentration in Creative Writing at UAB. He has been published in Aura Literature Arts Review for poetry and fiction. His favorite authors are Stephen King, Ruth Ware, and Gillian Flynn.

Fun Facts: Brett enjoys writing, traveling, going to the movies, attending concerts, and reading.

Sam Klipsch

Sam Klipsch, Undergraduate Tutor

Sam Klipsch is pursuing an Individually Designed Major in Community Development and Social Change. This is her third year at UAB and her second as a tutor at the UWC! Because of her major and participation in the Honors College, Sam has been able to take classes from a range of disciplines. She is also involved in AFROTC and will be commissioning after graduation.

Fun Facts: Sam is a huge fan of Avatar the Last Airbender and its sister series, The Legend of Korra. Also, she started the Women’s Rugby Club at UAB.

Nora Krall

Nora Krall, Graduate Tutor & Social Media Coordinator

Nora is a graduate student at UAB pursuing a Master's in English with a focus in Rhetoric and Composition. Nora received a B.A. in English with a concentration in Professional Writing from UAB, and her work has been featured in the Professional Writing Club's Memorandum. In Spring 2020 Nora received the Outstanding Professional Writing Student Award as well as second place in the Barksdale-Maynard award for fiction. Nora hopes to graduate with her M.A. in Spring 2022 and maybe even pursue a PhD!

Fun Facts: When Nora isn't in the UWC or in class, she can usually be found at her mom's house hanging out with her family's two new kittens, Fox and Hamish.

Camrie Latham

Camrie Latham, Graduate Tutor

Camrie is a first year English grad student with a focus in literature. She graduated from UAB in May 2020, with her BA in English and a minor in film. She hopes to learn more about modern literature and authors during her graduate studies, and intends to eventually work in the academic field. Her favorite book is Slaughterhouse-Five, and she believes there is much to be learned from children's literature.

Fun Facts: Camrie has two dachshunds, a soon-to-be fiance, an unhealthy obsession with all things horror, and the ability to bend her pinky finger all the way backwards.

Tawanda Nyahasha

Tawanda Nyahasha, Graduate Tutor

Tawanda Nyahasha is a first-year grad student getting his MA in English with a creative writing concentration. Prior to enrolling at UAB, Tawanda attended Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he got his BA in psychology. He enjoys reading and writing and is a fan of spoken word poetry.

Fun Facts: The name Tawanda means “we have increased in number” in his native language, which makes sense since he’s the last child out of a family of five.

Sally Anne Perz

Sally Anne Perz, Adjunct Tutor

Sally Anne Perz graduated with her B.A. from the University of South Florida in 1991. Almost 29 years later, she graduated from UAB with her M.A. in English with a concentration in Rhetoric and Composition. She currently teaches two English 102 classes and is hoping to pursue her PhD. She plans to continue the project she started with her thesis and focus on promoting anti-racist pedagogy and designing anti-racist curricula.

Fun Facts: Sally and her husband have six kids (five adults and one teenager) and a houseful of pets: a ball python, geckos, bunnies, a conure, two aquariums, two boxer puppies, and an elderly mixed breed.

Katherine Popple

Katherine Popple, Graduate Tutor

Katherine Popple graduated from UAB in 2020 with a B.A. in English Literature and a minor in Creative Writing. In 2021 she plans to move to England to pursue a masters in Creative Writing and Publishing. She is a lover of medieval texts with strong opinions on Beowulf.

Fun Facts: In her spare time, Katherine hand-quilts while watching horror movies/shows or listening to true crime podcasts. Her hero is Mina Harker.

Dena Pruett

Dena Pruett, Graduate Tutor

Dena is a second-year graduate student working toward her M.A. in English. She received her B.A. in English with a concentration in Professional Writing from Northwestern State University. Dena is a graduate teaching assistant and is also the digital content intern for the Department of English.

Fun Facts: When Dena was in second grade she chose “Grandma” when asked what she wanted to be when she grew up. She loves embarrassingly bad-for-you diner food, baking, and pop culture trivia. Dena is also a clutch Mario Kart player.

Chloe Seabrooke

Chloe Seabrooke, Undergraduate Tutor

Chloe is currently earning a B.A. in Secondary Education and English Language Arts. This is her first year working for the UAB Writing Center and she looks forward to the opportunity to help her fellow students succeed in their writing endeavors. Chloe also plays tuba in the UAB Marching Band, Symphony Band, and Blazer Basketball Band.

Fun Facts: Chloe is a self-proclaimed movie buff, junk food enthusiast, and amateur party planner. She likes eating cheese dip, baking, writing short stories, and is a diehard MCU fan.

Maggie Sharp

Maggie Sharp, Undergraduate Tutor

Maggie is a senior English major who is concentrating in Literature and minoring in Linguistics. Beyond tutoring in the UWC, she loves to write and even engages in freelance opportunities from time to time. This is her third year tutoring at the UWC.

Fun Facts: When she's not writing, Maggie usually has her nose pressed to the pages of a book. (More often than not, said book is something written by an old Greek philosopher thousands of years ago.)

Catie Yu Tiamco

Catie Yu Tiamco, Graduate Tutor

Catie is a first-year graduate student working towards her MA in Literature. She graduated from Birmingham-Southern in 2014 with a major in English and a minor in Gender and Women's studies, and since then has been doing everything from corporate sales to teaching high-school English to taking care of her two babies. Catie loves reading and writing, teaching, and has been tutoring or teaching writing for over six years. Catie hopes to teach either high-school or college-level literature and writing.

Fun Facts: Catie once shook hands with Pope Francis. She has two sons, Leo and Oliver, and a goldendoodle named Lily. You can find her pushing a stroller and trying to keep said goldendoodle away from squirrels on just about any walking trail in the Birmingham area.

Mallorie Turner

Mallorie Turner, Undergraduate Tutor

Mallorie is a current senior double majoring in English with a concentration in Professional Writing and Molecular Biology with a minor in Studio Art. She completed the English portion of her degree by presenting an undergraduate thesis on teaching science writing to English majors. Mallorie has great experience with writing scientific documents like abstracts and lab reports in Biology, Organic Chemistry, and Physics. Her research interests include science/scientific writing best practices, genetics, virology, and cancer biology.

Fun Facts: Mallorie spends time outside of school teaching herself Spanish, learning to draw better, and reading classic novels. She also makes time to watch her favorite shows and movies on Netflix.

Madilyn Watson

Madilyn Watson, Undergraduate Tutor

Madilyn is a senior English major, concentrating in Creative Writing and minoring in Forensic Science. This is her first year tutoring in the UWC, and she is very excited to help her fellow students with all their writing needs. Madilyn has experience writing academic papers, creative fiction, speeches/presentations, and Chemistry lab reports.

Fun Facts: Madilyn spends her free time reading corny romance novels, watching cartoons, or playing video games - namely Shovel Knight, Animal Crossing, and Assassin’s Creed (II is her favorite, though she hasn’t played them all) - and missing being able to go to concerts and shop offline.

Micah Williams

Micah Williams, Undergraduate Tutor

Micah Williams is a junior from Montgomery, Alabama, who majors in English and Philosophy with a minor in African-American Studies. After graduating from UAB, he plans to obtain a Ph.D. in English Literature and go on to research various topics in African American literature. His research interests include explorations of Black masculinity, colorism, and the impact of the criminal justice system on Black communities through books, film, and music. Toni Morrison, Langston Hughes, and Richard Wright are some of his favorite authors.

Fun Facts: Micah enjoys watching Marvel movies and YouTube commentaries, (safe) strolling around Birmingham, and advocating for social justice on his social media pages. If you let him pet your dog, he might cry. He only gets to pet a dog twice a semester.

Jack Zlotea

Jack Zlotea, Undergraduate Tutor

Jack is a junior majoring in psychology, and he recently started the psychology honors program where he hopes to gain experience in research. Living up to his name, Jack accepts the characterization "Jack of all trades, master of none". Possibly an effect of his short attention span, Jack is into a bit of everything a little bit,—anything from specialty coffee, cooking, house plants, running, hiking, mountain biking, reading, etc...

Fun Facts: As can be inferred from his profile picture, Jack is indifferent towards geese—or as he prefers to call them—nature's immortal mafia.