Academic Advising

Advisors can help you declare an FLL major or minor, complete FLL requirements on time, and prepare class schedules. They give further support by monitoring academic progress and dicussing individual student needs. Please click on a name to send an email message or right click to copy an email address.

Foreign Language Education • Krista Chambless
Foreign Language Internships • Lourdes Sánchez-López (Spanish)
French Track Majors & Minors • Margaret Bond
• Lamia Zayzafoon
German Minors • Erika Hille Rinker
Spanish for Specific Purposes • Lourdes Sánchez-López
Spanish Minors • Krista Chambless
• Belita Faki
Spanish Track Majors • Carlos Orihuela
• Roberto Mayoral
(seniors only)
• Belita Faki
Credit-by-Exam, AP, CLEP, BACHE, Miscellaneous • Roberto Mayoral
Japanese • Mako Cook
Chinese • Ling Ma
Arabic • Serge Bokobza
Italian • Belita Faki
Freshman Advisor • Erika Hille Rinker
Honors in Foreign Language Major; Individually Designed Major • Erika Hille Rinker
• Serge Bokobza
Department of Foreign Languages Advisor for Foreign Language Majors and Minors  • Erika Hille Rinker
College of Arts and Sciences Advisor for Foreign Language Majors and Minors • Christopher "Kip" Hubbard
(for CAS core requirements)