CHIA Y5 Timeline webCHIA 2016 Grant Cycle TimelineThe fifth annual Community Health Innovation Awards (CHIA) grant cycle is now open! 

501(c)(3) organizations interested in participating are encouraged to:

  • Think boldly and creatively about solutions to "on the ground" health challenges communities face 

  • Work in partnership with UAB mentors and other experts in the Birmingham metropolitan area

  • Foster new collaborations to tackle a community problem

To participate in the CHIA process, you or a representative of your team must attend the mandatory Innovation Workshop on Saturday, September 17, from 9am-1pm at UAB’s The Edge of Chaos. Registration for the Innovation Workshop begins Mon. August 1st and ends close of business Wednesday, September 14. Below you will find a registration link as well as links to our CHIA information booklet, CHIA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), and to a page highlighting recent CHIA winners. 

Innovation Workshop Registration
CHIA Information Booklet
Past CHIA Grantees 

Questions? Contact the CHIA Team at:

About the Community Health Innovation Awards
In 2012, One Great Community established the Community Health Innovation Awards (CHIA) as an annual grant competition for organizations in the greater Birmingham area. At the heart of the CHIA process is the desire to foster innovation and new ways of thinking about challenging local issues.

CHIA is envisioned as a way for participants to think boldly and creatively about solutions to “on the ground” health challenges communities face, to work in partnership with some of the best minds in our area, and to partner with local organizations to complete a project. Participants will work collaboratively with local leaders, neighborhood groups, and the UAB community to develop ideas and share expertise as they work on developing their own project proposals.

Grants ranging from $5,000 to $25,000 are awarded to local organizations whose ideas creatively and innovatively address community issues. The program includes an intense schedule of workshops, proposal submissions, and a formal presentation to a panel of judges.

Contributions from UAB's offices, schools, and college fund the Community Health Innovation Awards. Award recipients complete their projects over a 12-month period and give regular progress updates to sponsoring units. Awardees are encouraged to leverage the awards for the additional commitment of resources through other grant and award opportunities. 

What is One Great Community?
One Great Community is the community engagement component of UAB's Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCTS).  Its goal is to connect basic science and clinical researchers with the multiple communities they serve.  This collaboration will ensure that research efforts respond to and reflect the needs of the community through an active process of community involvement, dialogue, and mutual understanding.