The CCTS has partnered with successfully funded investigators from across its partner network to develop this compendium of best practice grant writing samples. Our goal is to share the wisdom of their award-winning experiences in communicating about research in support of both scientific excellence and discovery.

We update this resource on a regular basis to keep it current with the latest sponsor requirements. Check back often to see the most recent examples of well-crafted grants.

Rules for Use: We encourage you to emulate these fine examples, but please remain mindful of the difference between imitation and plagiarism.


Federal Grant Series

NIH - Grant Application Submission Tutorials

If you are working on an NIH grant, or planning to do so in the near future, you may want to block off some time to review the basics via a four-part video tutorial series offered on the NIH Grants page. In addition to the How to Apply Tutorial series, the page also offers brief videos (~ 2 minutes) highlighting several tips for application success, such as where to find application forms, what to check for before you submit an application to a funding opportunity, and checking your assembled grant in eRA commons. For those researchers interested in more support than these basic videos can provide, consider applying to one of our CCTS/SCOR Grant Preparation Intensive Cohorts, which offer expert development guidance for a variety of grant mechanisms, including Ks and Rs. Learn more

If you need further assistance with grant writing, or to submit a successful grant example to the library, contact CCTS Research Commons at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 205-934-7442.