The CCTS Biostatistics, Epidemiology & Research Design (BERD) unit comprises a multidisciplinary team of expert biostatisticians, epidemiologists, and methodologists. In support of rigorous methodology and scientific reproducibility in clinical and translational research, the CCTS BERD team collaborates with investigators at any stage, from student to senior faculty, across the CCTS Partner Network, pairing expertise with study-specific needs and providing state-of-the-art study design, data management, and statistical analysis. The BERD supports studies during the critical design and initial implementation phases. Collaboration occurs through one-on-one scheduled consultations with the BERD team.

One-on-One Biostatistics Design Consultation
 via BERD Clinics and individual appointments (in-person or virtually).
In-person consultations take place in the Shelby Biomedical Research Building (1st floor) on Wednesdays 11:30 am - 1 pm and Fridays 8:30 am - 11:30 am (please refer to CCTS upcoming events page as holidays may affect the schedule).

New! The BERD team has improved the consultation intake process, to bring your statistical and methodological questions to the experts in a more efficient and personalized way. The form below takes under a minute to complete and is required for every consultation to maximize your time with the BERD team.

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“The CCTS BERD team greatly assisted me in the analysis and publication of my data, which directly informed my first R01. As an early-stage investigator, I am thrilled to have the expertise of the CCTS BERD available."

— Christina Muzny, MD, MSPH, Associate Professor of Medicine, UAB