The CCTS Biostatistics, Epidemiology & Research Design (BERD) unit comprises a multidisciplinary team of expert biostatisticians, epidemiologists, and methodologists. In support of rigorous methodology and scientific reproducibility in clinical and translational research, the CCTS BERD team collaborates with investigators at any stage, from student to senior faculty, across the CCTS Partner Network, pairing expertise with study-specific needs and providing state-of-the-art study design, data management, and statistical analysis. We specialize in supporting studies during the critical design and initial implementation phases, ensuring a successful launch.

What Can Our BERD Experts Do for You?

The CCTS BERD collaborates with faculty, fellows, and students through one-on-one consultations to enhance federal research proposals, including NIH (R01, R21, K, etc.), NSF, and DOD, as well as non-governmental funding opportunities. Our team also offers assistance with manuscript development, including data analysis, graph development, and results interpretation. We offer multiple venues for BERD support including:

  • One-on-One Biostatistics Design Consultation via Drop-In Clinics, Office Hours, and by Appointment (see BERD Trainings for details)
  • Online videos that teach the fundamentals of data science (data collection, data entry and management, design, and analysis)--available on the CCTS Video Channel.
  • Our Kaizen R2T game, which makes mastering the NIH rigor reproducibility and transparency (R2T) requirements fun!
  • Original methodological research applicable to clinical and translational research (see BERD Projects for more examples)
  • Biostats4you, biostatics training tailored to all researchers, which was developed to serve medical and public health researchers and professionals who wish to learn more about biostatistics. The site contains carefully selected and reviewed training materials especially suited for a non-statistician audience.

Do you need assistance with a BERD-related project? Contact CCTS Research Commons at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss!

  • “The CCTS BERD team greatly assisted me in the analysis and publication of my data, which directly informed my first R01. As an early-stage investigator, I am thrilled to have the expertise of the CCTS BERD available."

    — Christina Muzny, MD, MSPH, Associate Professor of Medicine, UAB