What is SHARe?

A new platform for launching and supporting multisite studies and clinical trials, established by the CCTS to build on the strengths of our Partner Network. The vision is to create a truly transformational research enterprise in the Deep South.

Why Use SHARe?

  • Multisite studies and clinical trials require a high degree of coordination among study sites. SHARe reduces the redundancies and eases the administrative burdens that slow typical time-to-activation. For instance, all 11 CCTS Partners have signed on to a master IRB reliance agreement, streamlining the review process.
  • Multisite studies and clinical trials frequently struggle with recruitment. SHARe offers access to a large, regional, and diverse patient population. Whether you are studying a rare or chronic disease, looking for a genetic anomaly, or testing the effects of an intervention or treatment by gender, age, race/ethnicity, socioeconomic status, or geographic location, the SHARe network increases the odds of quickly building a robust list of potential participants who meet your research criteria.
  • Multisite studies and clinical trials that participate in SHARe will help spur trans-network innovation among faculty, physicians, and other health care providers, resulting in discoveries that can rapidly improve health care and, ultimately, benefit communities across the region.

How Do I Propose a Study to SHARe?

Principal investigators from across the CCTS Partner Network who are interested in proposing a study to SHARe should contact CCTS Research Commons at ccts@uab.edu.