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VSRC Molecular and Cellular Analysis Core      
 SPittler  MGorbatyuk Vincenzo 
Core Director
Steven J Pittler, PhD
Associate Core Director 
Marina Gorbatyuk, PhD 
Laboratory Director
Vincenzo Guarcello, MD, PhD

Location & Contact
Volker Hall,  Room 370
Phone: (205) 934 6735


The primary purpose of the Ocular Phenotyping and Molecular Analysis Core is to support vidion research at UAB. This is accomplished by meeting with the researcher to define the approach to the problem, developing or modifying procedures needed, and completing the project as outlined in the timely manner. The core also exists to provide expertise for training and supervision of graduate students and personnel from other labs in molecular biology and histology procedures and in the use of available laboratory equipment; for solving technical problems for these personnel; and to purchase sufficient equipment and supplies for an efficiently operating lab.

Electronic Scheduler

Reserve your instrument time on your computer using the online scheduler  http://scheduler.vsrc.uab.edu/molbio/
Reservation of your instrument time is required for all listed instruments

Equipment Available

The Molecular and Cellular Analysis Core is housed primarily in Volker Hall room 370 with additional support in Worrell building room 310.

WORB, room 310 houses tools for histology, microscopy, water baths, a centrifuge, DNA and protein electrophoretic apparatus, as well as glassware, tubes, tips, and assorted supplies.

VH 370 & WORB 310 is still the place for all molecular biology except the gel & blot apparatus, and now boasts a little bit of counter space.

The core users are encouraged to turn off the lab lights when they leave especially after hours. And don't forget to log off the computers you logged on to.  

All core users should acknowledge P30 EY03039 for funding. If you use the lab at all, please include this acknowledgment in every publication, poster and other scientific presentations. Please send Vincenzo a copy of any published works that cite the core. That will help us to successfully compete for renewed funding.


The purpose of the Molecular and Cellular Analysis Core is to assist users with the molecular and cellular analysis or ocular tissues, the investigation of gene expression, including but not limited to primer and mutant design, amplification and quantitation of RNA or DNA products, cloning, and other molecular biology techniques. To accomplish that, the core acquired a comprehensive array of instrumentation. Day to day activities of the core are handled by laboratory director Dr. Vincenzo Guarcello, who has extensive experience in many aspects of molecular biology, histology, and cell biology. 


  • Training in basic molecular biology techniques and equipment usage
  • Technical and experimental design advice
  • Assistance with primer design
  • Assistance with creating mutants
  • Assistance with gradient or conventional PCR and RT-PCR
  • Assistance with real-time/quantitative PCR and RT-PCR with up to 5 fluorophores
  • Assistance with gels and blots, imaging

To facilitate the availability of these Core services, the Core has acquired comprehensive equipment

Core Equipment

  • Bio-Rad iQ5 Real-Time PCR Detection System
  • Typhoon Trio+ Imaging System
  • Wescor 5520 Vapor Pressure Osmometer
  • NanoDrop Spectrophotometer
  • BioRad Criterion Gel & Blot System
  • Beckman TL100 Ultracentrifuge with TLA 100.3 fixed angle rotor and TLS-55 swinging bucket rotor

  • Eppendorf 5810 refrigerated centrifuge with several rotors and adpaters for well plates and assorted tube sizes
  • LI-COR Odyssey Fluorescent Imager
  • Wallac/Perkin Elmer 1420-041 with Advanced Kinetics Fluorescence Plate Reader
  • Cryostats Leica CM3050 S

  • Zeiss Axioplan 2 Microscope

Analytical Software

  • Beacon Designer 
  • DeCyder 
  • SameSpots


  • Sample data from the MBP ( click on the photos to enlarge them )







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