Miles College is a Christian Methodist Episcopal Church related, historically Black, four-year liberal arts institution founded in 1905 to provide leadership to the Black community. Our mission includes an emphasis on the personal development of the individual who, upon graduation from Miles, will possess an understanding of his or her own mission in a global society.

The College utilizes the best of its rich heritage in providing an environment that is both Christian and intellectual. The College actively recruits students from diverse academic, economic, social, and racial backgrounds who manifest potential for academic achievement at the college level. Not only does the College strive to produce students who possess critical and ethical perspectives about a global and pluralistic society, it also dedicates its energies to providing community programs and leadership.

Miles College is open to all qualified persons regardless of race, religion, or national origin, and has a proud record of achievement in preparing teachers, ministers, and business and professional men and women for service to the community.

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