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A Cultural Passport to Birmingham and the Surrounding Area

Sponsored by the Birmingham Area Consortium for Higher Education (BACHE)


The Birmingham Area Consortium for Higher Education (BACHE) is a partnership among the five, four-year colleges and universities in the greater Birmingham area—Samford,Miles, Montevallo, Birmingham Southern, and UAB. Created by the presidents in 1996 to advance academic excellence through collaborative activities and shared resources, BACHE enhances educational opportunities for students and provides services and support to faculty, staff, and the community. 


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The Cultural Passport is a passport-sized booklet that offers university students an opportunity to explore Birmingham’s museums, theaters, music, dance, and much more. The

 Passport grants students one free admission to each venue in the book. The Passport provides detailed information about each venue and serves as a guide to the city’s cultural attractions. When students visit a cultural site or event, they will receive a stamp in their Passports. Students who collect the most stamps in the allotted time will be given special recognition by their respective schools. 


BACHE is seeking to enhance educational opportunities for students by encouraging an appreciation for the arts while connecting them to the Birmingham community an

d surrounding areas. Because the Passport is a partnership between the BACHE member institutions and the Birmingham arts and culture community, students will gain valuable cultural experiences while supporting area cultural organizations. Our common goal is that these students will become life-long patrons of the arts.

Venues included in our first edition include

1. Alabama Ballet

2. Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame and Museum

3. Alabama Symphony Orchestra

4. American Village

5. Birmingham Botanical Gardens

6. Birmingham Civil Rights Institute

7. Birmingham Museum of Art

8. Karl C. Harrison Museum of George Washington

9. Opera Birmingham

10. Sloss Furnaces

11. Tuscaloosa Museum of Art: Home of the Westervelt Collection

12. Vulcan Park and Museum