Pledging to Fund FAQs


  • How do I pledge to the Benevolent Fund?

    The simplest way is to complete an electronic pledge. You will be prompted to enter your blazer ID and password. From there you can enter your pledge amount and any agency designations. Alternately, you may complete the UAB Benevolent Fund printed pledge form which can be downloaded or obtained from the Benevolent Fund Office in room B-84 of the Administration Building. The completed form may be mailed directly to the Benevolent Fund (AB B84, zip 0100), scanned and emailed to, or faxed to 975-9608. Completed forms may also be given to any Benevolent Fund staff member, council member, or campaign coordinator.

  • Who do I contact if I have a question about my deduction?

    Please contact the Benevolent Fund Manager at 934-1581 or It is the employee's responsibility to notify the Benevolent Fund office of any errors regarding contribution deductions. Any errors older than 60 days may not be refunded.

  • How do I change my current contribution?

    Changes to current continuous contributions including amount and agency designation can be made electronically. You will be prompted to enter your blaze ID and password. From there you can enter the updated pledge amount and agency designations. The new continuous pledge will override the existing continuous pledge. Cancellation requests should be submitted to the Benevolent Fund office in writing at

  • What is a Blazer giver?

    A Blazer giver is a contributor who gives an amount monthly that equals or exceeds one hour's pay and who pledges this amount on a continuous basis through payroll deduction. Continuous hourly donations to the Benevolent Fund are changed automatically with any change in salary, hence the name fair share. Your continuous pledge stays in effect indefinitely until you choose to change it.

  • What is a good faith giver?

    A good faith giver is someone who gives a set amount every month. A good faith giver may contribute an amount that equals more or less than one hour's pay or 1% of their monthly income. The gift does not change regardless of change in pay.

  • How else can I contribute if I do not wish or am not financially able to be a continuous giver?

    We encourage everyone to be a continuous giver if possible, but there are several alternatives. You may give one hour's pay or any percentage per month on an annual basis, a single deduction (broken into 2 deductions for bi-weekly paid employees), or you may make a check or money order payable to the Benevolent Fund. Instructions regarding the various means of giving appear on the pledge form.

  • If I am a contributor to the Benevolent Fund, when do my contributions begin?

    If you elect to payroll deduction, your contributions will begin on the next payroll processing period.

  • Do I need to redo my pledge each year doing the Benevolent Fund Campaign?

    If you have a continuous pledge established (fixed amount, percent, or hourly), that pledge will continue until you request that we end it. You do not need to fill out a new pledge form during the campaign if you have an established continuous pledge unless you wold like to make changes to it. If you had a one time gift during the previous campaign, you can make additional gifts at any time during the year, but the campaign is a great time to make a new one time pledge or learn about continuous pledge opportunities.

  • How do I designate my credit card pledge?

    Pledging online by credit card is a new option. Currently, individuals should email designations they wish to be applied to their credit card gift to Up to three nonprofits can be chosen.