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Any matter in which board approval is required or requested must go through the Office of the President. Matters for board approval must include a resolution and agenda item form.

Agenda items should go from the department or other administrative entity to the dean and/or the appropriate vice president(s) and/or provost. The vice president, if he/she approves, should forward his/her statement of approval and the documentation to the president, with a copy to the board liaison for final approval before submission to the board.

The deadline for agenda items is the latest date for which board items should be submitted to the president. This deadline provides time for thorough review by the president's office before items are then submitted to the chancellor's office for subsequent review.

The deadlines are strictly enforced. Items not submitted on time will not be accepted but will be held for the next meeting. Because there sometimes is a three-month interval between board meetings, urgent matters should be submitted in a timely manner.

The board adopts the calendar of board meetings for the coming academic year at its September meeting. The schedule of meeting dates and agenda deadlines is available from the board liaison or on the calendar section of this website.