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All matters that require board approval must include both a resolution and agenda item form. When submitting a board item for approval, please provide the resolutions and supporting material (e.g. proposals, curriculum vitae, etc.) via e-mail or on a diskette to the contact below. The board liaison may also assist you in preparing a resolution.

Resolution Format Requirements
Font:  Georgia, 12-point
Margins:  Left, Top, Bottom and Right Margins=1"
Spacing:  Single Spacing
Resolution Body Paragraphs:  .5" Indent
Justification:  Body of Resolution Full Justified
Campus Name and Resolution Title:  
  • Center Alignment and Bold
  • Campus Name In All Caps
  • The word "Resolution" should be underlined
  • Title should start with the action being requested of the Board (e.g., Approving, Establishing, etc.)
  • Example Provided Below Shows Full Resolution Header/Title (Please note that this website will not allow this example to be displayed in Georgia.  All other characteristic requirements are accurately displayed.)



Approving Appointment of Casey D. Morrow, Ph.D., as Professor Emeritus in the Department of Cell Developmental and Integrative Biology

Items for board review require only  the agenda form. A resolution is not
required for items requiring board review.

Agenda Item Recommendation Form

Sample Resolutions
To help you understand how resolutions are written, click on the following examples of successful resolutions.

Sample Endowed Professorship Resolution

Sample Endowed Chair Resolution

Sample Emeritus Resolution

Sample Retirement Resolution

Sample University Professor Resolution

To submit materials, for assistance, or for answers to any other board questions contact:

Kirsten N. Burdick
Board Liaison
Office of the President

Physical Address:
Administration Building 1070
701 20th Street South
Birmingham, AL 35294-0110

Mailing Address:
Board Liaison
Office of the President
AB 1070
1720 2nd Avenue South 
BIRMINGHAM, AL 35294-0110