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Compensation for Individuals with UAB Salary of $450,000* or More
Proposed salaries and payments (including extra-ordinary benefits) for any employee or candidate for employment whose current or proposed UAB salary exceeds $450,000* requires approval of the Compensation Committee of the Board of Trustees. Guidelines have been developed in order to ensure that these submissions are done in the most efficient manner possible. Proposed October 1 annual increases will be handled through the normal salary recommendation process established by the appropriate senior executive officer (i.e. provost, health system CEO, etc.). All other salary increases or payments for individuals subject to this policy will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

For current UAB employees, departments should allow sufficient time for campus review and board approval prior to the anticipated effective date of the payment. In the case of new hires, campus review and board approval must occur prior to a written offer being extended to the candidate.

* Subject to change.

For more salary information, guidelines, and a compensation approval recommendation form, click here.

Creation of New Degree Programs
All new degree programs, including any Notification of Intent to Submit a Proposal (NISP), must first be submitted to the board for review and information before they are submitted to the Alabama Commission on Higher Education (ACHE). Following action by ACHE, they are submitted to the board for final approval.

Please visit the Academic Planning website (www.uab.edu/faculty/academic-planning) for vital information regarding the creation of new degree programs. Policies regarding new degree programs are available from the board liaison or you may contact Katrina Hunter Mintz at kmintz@uab.edu or Eva Lewis at evalewis@uab.edu.

Creation of Centers and Programs
Most new centers and/or programs (other than those discussed above which lead to a degree) in instruction, research, and public service also require board approval. Names of new programs or centers requiring board approval should not be used or publicized until the board has taken action. Please contact Dr. Jason Nichols (jjn@uab.eduregarding the establishment or closure of UAB centers/institutes.

Creation of a New Department/Division
A proposed new academic unit, including a department or division, must be approved by the board. Guidelines regarding new departments/divisions are available from the board liaison.

Naming of Buildings, Centers and Programs
All buildings or major portions thereof, other structures, such as laboratories and conference rooms, streets and geographic areas, as well as academic, research or service programs and centers must be named by the board, if they are to be named for an individual or individuals.

A special committee, chaired by Mr. Thomas Brannan, has been formed to review all naming requests prior to submission for approval by the Provost, President and Board of Trustees. Please allow additional time for board submissions of this nature to be reviewed by this committee. Building and program names that do not include an individual's name require presidential approval only.

Establishment of New Endowed Chairs, Professorships and Deanships
The establishment of new endowed chairs or professorships must be approved by the board. University Development handles the establishment of new endowed chairs/professorships working directly with the Development officers and departments.  Please contact Joyner Crane at 205-996-7317 or crane14@uab.edu for further information.  Please use this link to learn about all types of UAB endowments.

Appointments to Endowed Chairs, Professorships and Deanships
All appointments to endowed chairs, professorships and deanships require board approval. A search for an individual to fill the position is required, whether it is an internal or external search. Upon selection of the candidate, a letter from the search committee chair outlining the process and listing the committee members is required. In either case, letters of support from peers within and outside the institution are also required. Recommendation letters from the chair and dean must accompany the submission. The resolution and curriculum vitae must be emailed to the Board Liaison. Specific procedures for such appointments have been adopted and are available from the board liaison, as well as examples of previous submissions.

Checklist for Endowed Chair/Professorship/Deanship Submissions

Sample Endowed Chair Resolution

Sample Endowed Professorship Resolution

Appointments as Distinguished Professor, Distinguished Service Professor or University Professor
An appointment as distinguished professor, distinguished services professor, university professor, or a variation in those titles, is made by the board. Guidelines and procedures regarding such appointments are available from the board liaison. Please note that nominations for Distinguished Professor, Distinguished Service Professor and University Professor are submitted once a year for review by a committee.  Nominations should be sent to the Office of the Vice Provost for Student and Faculty Success c/o Janice Ward (Administration Building, Room 374) no later than September 1.

Sample University Professor Resolution

Posthumous Degrees
It shall be the policy of the Board of Trustees, upon recommendations of the President, to award posthumous degrees for students who have successfully completed a substantial portion of their academic programs with diplomas to specifically indicate a posthumous degree, the language of which would cite the circumstances warranting such award.  Such diplomas may be presented at appropriate private ceremonies at the discretion of the President with the appropriate commencement program noting that the degree is posthumous.

With this in mind, UAB implemented guidelines for the awarding of posthumous degrees and certificates of recognition. 

UAB Guidelines for Posthumous Degrees and Certificates of Recognition

Emeritus Resolutions

Emeritus appointments submitted to acknowledge an outstanding faculty member and expressing thanks and appreciation for his or her years of service do require board approval. Emeritus resolutions usually originate in the department and should be forwarded to the president through the dean and provost.

Emeritus Resolution Process

Sample Emeritus Resolution

Retirement and Death Resolutions

Resolutions noting the retirement of an outstanding faculty member and expressing thanks and appreciation for his or her years of service can be submitted to the board. Likewise, resolutions expressing sorrow over the death of a faculty member or a UAB friend or benefactor can be submitted to the board. Retirement and death resolutions usually originate in the department and should be forwarded to the president through the dean and provost. The submission of retirement/death appointment resolutions for board review/approval is submitted at the discretion of the president.

Sample Retirement Resolution

Other Issues
Other issues requiring board approval that generally are handled by central administration include:

  • Acceptance of all testamentary gifts and all endowed gifts;
  • Establishment of all endowed chairs, professorships, lectureships and scholarships;
  • Levying of student fees and tuition charges;
  • Review and approval of legislative requests for appropriations, annual budgets, and budget changes;
  • Approval of all loans, borrowing and the issuance of bonds;
  • Review of long-range facilities plans;
  • Approval of new construction projects;
  • Approval of major long-range fund development plans; and
  • Approval of contractual and major legal commitments.
This is not an exhaustive list of matters requiring board approval. There are other items regarding such issues as auditing and investment policies that must be approved by the board. Questions about any other board matters should be directed to the board liaison.

Updated: January 23, 2017