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What is FERPA?

Illustration of a pencil. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law governing the privacy and handling of educational records and giving specific rights to students. Many faculty and staff have access to confidential student information. It is crucial that this information is restricted and accessed by as few people as possible to protect the student's privacy. Educational records are not considered the property of the school but of the student — we are only the custodians.

You can learn more about FERPA for faculty on UAB's FERPA website.

I am a departmental academic advisor. When should I refer a student to their professional advisor?

You should refer a student to their academic advisor whenever you feel it is necessary. However, it is recommended that you refer a student if they have questions about:
  • Core curriculum
  • Course forgiveness
  • Course repeat policy
  • Change of major
  • Application for Degree

If a student is on Academic Probation, they must see their professional academic advisor to receive their registration access code (RAC). If your department uses the RAC to enforce mandatory advising, please check the academic standing of the student before giving them their RAC.