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Illustration of a gear. All pre-health students are encouraged to meet with the pre-health advisor for individual advising sessions each semester. Below you will find recommended meetings and advice for each year of study.

Freshman Year

Advising begins with Pre-Health Information Sessions during New Student Orientation.

Once the semester begins, there will be a meeting for students preparing for medical, dental, or optometry school. This meeting is also for students preparing for physician assistant, physical therapy, occupational therapy, pharmacy, or veterinary schools/programs. If you are interested in one of these professional programs, plan to attend this Fall Freshman Meeting. Even though the meeting is titled Freshman Meeting, all students are welcome to attend. Our focus will be the portfolio we discussed at the pre-health session during orientation.

Freshmen are encouraged to attend HIPPA training. If you are interested in receiving the training, email prehealthadvise@uab.edu with your full name, student ID number, and Blazer ID.

A Freshman Seminar is offered in the spring semester to assist you as you prepare for professional school.

Sophomore Year

The Sophomore Seminar will help you explore opportunities for leadership, community service, research, and clinical experience. It is excellent preparation for Sophomore Assessment Interviews held in the spring.

The Sophomore Meeting will take place in early spring prior to the Assessment Interviews. We will cover interview skills including dress, personal presentation, and strategy. There will be small-group practices to help you prepare for a meaningful interview with an admissions representative from UAB's professional schools.

Sophomore Assessment Interviews introduce rising applicants to admissions committee members in the spring.

Junior Year

The Applicant's Meeting is held in the fall of the junior year to prepare you for the upcoming application cycle.

During the spring term of your junior year at UAB, you should begin applying to professional schools. You should schedule meetings with your Pre-Health Advisor to help you begin the process. We will address timelines, letters of evaluation, your personal statement, and the application itself.

The admissions committees at each school will evaluate you according to these criteria:

  • overall GPA
  • science and math GPA
  • admissions test score
  • letters of recommendation
  • interview
  • related health care experience
  • personal statement

Throughout the long process, the pre-health advisor will assist you with coordinating your applications to various schools, even if your possibilities do not include UAB's professional schools.