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Spring 2020 Meeting

Date: TBA
Time: TBA
Location: TBA
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For all students who plan to enter professional schools, this meeting is designed to help you begin the process. We will address timelines, letters of evaluation, your personal statement, and the application itself.

During the spring term of your junior year at UAB, you should begin applying to professional schools. The admissions committees at each school will evaluate you according to these criteria:

  • overall GPA
  • science and math GPA
  • admissions test score
  • letters of recommendation
  • interview
  • related health care experience
  • personal statement

Throughout the long process, the pre-health advisor will assist you with coordinating your applications to various schools, even if your possibilities do not include UAB's professional schools. Your advisor can also help you prepare for admission tests, interviews, and other entry requirements. The process should begin during your freshman year so it is important to contact the pre-health advisor as soon as possible.

Online Application

When you are ready to begin your application process early in the spring of your junior year (or after), you will need to complete an online Pre-Health application. This application is your first step towards getting a committee letter and help with your professional school applications. If you plan to apply to professional school next summer, the application deadline for new applicants will be the end of February 2019. The application deadline for re-applicants is June 1, 2019. If you have questions about the application, please email Delia Lewis or Andrew Meythaler or call to schedule an appointment with your Pre-Health advisors at (205) 934-6135. We look forward to helping you!