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Illustration of an open book. In general, most health schools will require courses in several areas. These are noted below — all course numbers are UAB course numbers.

  • English: two semesters of English composition. Additional courses in literature and speech may be required.
  • Math: two semesters of college math. May include statistics. We recommend you have math up through pre-calculus (MA 106).
    • UAB School of Optometry requires a course in statistics and calculus.
    • UAB School of Dentistry strongly recommends analytical geometry and calculus.
    • UAB Heersink School of Medicine strongly recommends a course in statistics or biostatistics.
  • Chemistry: two semesters of General Chemistry with lab — CH 115* & 116 (lab), CH 117 & 118 (lab).
    • *To be eligible to register for CH 115, a student must have completed CH 100 OR a full year of HS chemistry with a grade of C or higher and completed MA 106 with a C or higher or be concurrently enrolled in MA 106 or higher.
  • Biology: two semesters of Introductory Biology with lab — BY 123 & 124.
    • UAB School of Dentistry requires an additional course.
    • UAB School of Optometry requires a course in Microbiology (BY 271).
  • Organic Chemistry: two semesters of Organic Chemistry with lab — CH 235 & 236 (lab), 237 & 238 (lab).
    • UAB School of Optometry requires Biochemistry (CH 460).
    • UAB Heersink School of Medicine and School of Dentistry strongly recommend an additional course in Biochemistry (CH 460).
  • Physics: two semesters of Physics with lab — non-calculus-based: PH 201 & 211 (lab), 202 & 212 (lab); OR calculus-based: PH 221 & 231 (lab), 222 & 232 (lab).

Placement of entering freshmen in physics is based on their entering math placement, which is based on SAT & ACT math sub-scores plus high school GPA. Entering students would have to qualify for MA 125 in order to take PH 201, since MA 106 or MA 107 is pre-requisite for PH 201. Similarly, students would have to CLEP out or have AP credit for MA 125 to directly enroll in PH 221. In both cases, these are fairly high standards. If you do not meet the pre-requisites for PH 201 and PH 221, you can begin with Physics 100 or take necessary Math courses to satisfy pre-requisites of PH 201 and PH 221. Talk with your advisor to determine if College Physics I (PH 201) or General Physics I (PH 221) is a requirement for your major.

Other Courses

Additional courses in Biochemistry (CH 460), Cell Biology (BY 330), Embryology (BY 314), Histology (BY 327), Microbiology (BY 271), Endocrinology (BY 420), Human Physiology (BY 409), Genetics (BY 210), or Human Anatomy (BY 115) are highly recommended.

Other courses in psychology, sociology, and computer science may be required. The School of Optometry requires one semester of psychology and two semesters of additional courses in any social and behavioral science. The School of Dentistry encourages additional courses to enhance manual dexterity (sculpting, painting, etc.). You are advised to check with the Admissions Office of the specific schools to which you are applying for further details.