M.A. Art History Alumni

Kristen McArthur

M.A. in Art History, 2018

Thesis: Female Somatic Spirituality in post-Tridentine Art: Rutilio Manetti's St. Catherine of Siena Drinking from the Side Wound of Christ

Current position: Arts Education Coordinator, Space One Eleven, Birmingham, AL

Joan Inman

M.A. in Art History, 2017

Thesis: Memory, Memorials, and Commemoration: Enacting Remembrance for the Comfort Women of WWII

Current position: Library Assistant, Birmingham Public Library

Amelia Hobson

M.A. in Art History, 2016

Thesis: Andy Loves Richard: The Revelations of “Vote McGovern” (1972)

Current position: Instructor, Auburn University-Montgomery

Joanna Wilson

M.A. in Art History, 2014

Thesis: The Bear And The Tiger: Decoding Attitudes And Anxieties Towards Nature Through A.A. Milne’s Winnie-The-Pooh In Post WWI Britain

Current position: Ph.D. candidate in Art History, University of Wisconsin, Madison and Kohler Foundation Fellow

Bethany Bekane McClellan

M.A. in Art History, 2013

Thesis: Science of Sleep: Tracing the Visual Language of Dreams from Fuseli to Gondry

Current position: Curatorial Assistant, Birmingham Museum of Art

Linda Pierini

M.A. in Art History, 2012

Thesis: Objects of Worship Based on the Lotus Sutra: The Gohonzon by Nichiren

Current position: Instructor of Art History, Birmingham-Southern College and UAB

Kathryn Sullivan

M.A. in Art History, 2009

Thesis: Borso D’Este and the Arthurian Legend: A Reconsideration of the Hall of the Months in the Palazzo Schifanoia

Current position: Director of Exploration Term and Contract Learning, Birmingham Southern College

Michele Forman

M.A. in Art History, 2009

Thesis: “Voyeurizing the Voyeurs”: An Analysis of the Gaze of the Non-Human Other in Chris Marker’s Sans Soleil

Current position: Director, Media Studies Program, UAB; Advisory Board, Sidewalk Film Festival

Harley Acres

M.A. in Art History, 2007

Thesis: Gender Bending and Comic Books as Art: Issues of Appropriation, Gender, and Sexuality in Japanese Art

Current position: Faculty at Pikes Peak Community College, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Lindsay Mouyal Parris

M.A. in Art Education, 2007

Current position: Art Education Instructor and Program Advisor, University of Alabama at Birmingham and Alabama Art Education Association

Kristen Greenwood

M.A. in Art History, 2006

Thesis: Images Of Inhumanity: George Bellows’s War Series

Current position: Director, Girls Inc., Birmingham, Alabama

Adrian Smythies

M.A. in Art History, 2006

Thesis: The Architecture And Iconography Of The Hindu Temple In Eads, Tennessee

Current position: Adrian Smythies has written seven publications on the architecture and iconography of American Hindu temples.

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