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The Major in Art with a Graphic and Digital Design concentration is a professional course of study that provides real-world tools for students looking to enter the design job market.

This concentration focuses the course schedule with more design/digital centric courses (39 hours). These courses are necessary to build a competitive portfolio and better prepare design students to enter the marketplace. The concentration streamlines the course of study through a defined list of classes and requirements, offering a clearer path to graduation for students who are interested in a career in Graphic or Digital Design.

For more information, contact the Graphic Design Area Head Doug Barrett.

Student Work and Awards

Cookie Bags
Alabama Eats potato chips bags
Maru Chan Shrimp Ramen Noodles
Organica product labels
Student group
Piercings brochure
Travel budget booklet
Coca booklet
Abby Henderson zine
Abby Henderson zine students
Ala Fedorova "The Chaos" wine labels
Photo booklet
Bibb County storybook
Organica Labels
Cahaba River Project flyer close up
Cahaba River Project flyer
Cahaba flyer students
5 ways to float the cahaba brochure
Map of the Cahaba
Cahaba signage
Alabama Save the Cahaba License plate
Cahaba materials students
The Mandarin fold-up menu
Chung children's book
Coretta Scott King magazine
Cahaba River Society brochures
Cahaba River Society brochures
Cahaba River Society legends
Student awards
Pinnochio tableware
Carver Theater signs
Dune 1984 movie poster
Dune movie poster - fremen stained glass
Green burial
Green burial students
Fast food packaging
See the infamous Sand-worm at Arrakis zoo
Album cover remake - Wagner's Tristan & Isolde
The Saint Hotel materials
Dune - Arrakis
Psychadelic Dune movie poster
Matthew Davis "AnimalIllust" didgital imaging
orange Audubon
Rachel with award
Wetlands infographic - the arteries and veins of the landscape
Busines cards in the shape of plastic bread ties.
Jam book (how to make) 1
Jam book (how to make) 2

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