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Klaus Urban Scholarship in Art History

The Department of Art and Art History awards the Klaus Urban Scholarship to a graduate student in Art History. The Scholarship is awarded from the income of an endowment created by Ms. Melissa Ann Campbell in honor of the life and legacy of Dr. Klaus Urban. Applicants are encouraged to seek advice from a faculty member.

  • Requirements
    1. Completed Bsmart Application.
    2. A representative portfolio of writing including at least two papers on art historical subjects.
  • Rules governing the award and tenure of the Klaus Urban Scholarship in Art History
    1. The applicant must be a graduate student with a strong academic record, above the 3.0 minimum required for all graduate students.
    2. The faculty of the Department of Art and Art History will choose the Klaus Urban Scholar. If there is no applicant who is qualified in the judgment of the faculty, no scholarship will be awarded that year.
    3. The scholarship will be paid in one or two semesters.
    4. The Klaus Urban Scholar must be a graduate student in good academic standing registered for 6-9 semester hours in the term for which the scholarship is paid. Exceptions to this rule can, however, be made.
    5. If the Scholar withdraws in a term for which the Scholar receives a stipend, or fails to maintain a "B" average, any balance of the scholarship will not be paid.
    6. Late applications will not be considered.

UAB/BMA Curatorial Fellowship for MA Students in Art History


The UAB/ Birmingham Museum of Art (BMA) Fellowship provides M.A. students at UAB with a unique opportunity to gain hands-on curatorial experience in a museum setting and is intended to prepare the student for a career in the museum or gallery profession.

Application Deadline: April 1 annually

  • Terms of the Fellowship

    The application process begins in April for the following academic year and is offered on a competitive basis annually. The fellowship period lasts for one calendar year, beginning and ending in mid-August; it is a one-year appointment and cannot be renewed.

    The student must remain in good academic standing at UAB and make satisfactory progress toward the degree in order to continue the Fellowship. At the Museum, the Fellow must be prompt, appropriately dressed and ready to assist in any and all duties and activities assigned. A total of 32 hours of unexcused absence will terminate the Fellowship at the Museum. If BMA or UAB is dissatisfied with the Fellow for any reason, the institutions reserve the right to terminate the Fellowship.

    The Fellow works 20 hours per week in a curatorial department at the Birmingham Museum of Art. The Fellow meets with all BMA departments to gain familiarity with the various workings of an art museum; participates in all appropriate meetings subject to availability; and attends museum functions when appropriate. The fellowship involves research, writing, working with curators and staff, and perhaps, artists. The Fellow, together with the supervising curator, typically develops one project or a discrete portion of a larger project during the fellowship appointment, as well as any other duties assigned. Projects may include the permanent collection and exhibition research. Specific duties depend upon the needs of the department to which the student is assigned.

    At the end of the first semester of the Fellowship and again at the end of the year, a written evaluation of the Fellow is provided by the Museum. The Fellow also provides a written summary of their experience.

  • Qualifications

    Applicants must have completed one year of course work in art history at the graduate level, show academic excellence and scholarly promise, and be well-versed in art historical research techniques. Along with the letter of application, the candidate is required to submit a resume, a writing sample, such as a paper written for a graduate class, and a 500-word essay outlining career goals, interest in museum work, and reasons for applying. The applicant is also required to submit unofficial transcripts and a letter of reference (or a list of references that the museum can contact independently).

  • Application process

    Applications are submitted to the Graduate Program Director at UAB and are reviewed by the UAB art history faculty. Upon recommendation by the UAB faculty, an in consultation with the BMA curatorial staff, finalists will be asked to participate in a formal interview at the BMA. The final selection of the Fellow is made by the BMA. The award will be announced and the Fellow notified by the end of the Spring semester of application.

  • Contact

    For more information about the fellowship, please contact Associate Professor/Art History Graduate Director, Jessica Dallow.

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