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As a student of Art History at UAB, you will learn visual literacy and critical thinking skills to analyze a wide variety of artifacts from all geographic regions and historical eras, including our own. By engaging in visual approaches to learning and thinking, Art History prepares students for fulfilling careers in a variety of professional tracks.

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Recent graduates have gone on to work in museums, galleries, non-profit organizations, and other cultural institutions, or have pursued further graduate study in art history, arts education, law, historic preservation, arts management, art conservation, and library science.

Important area resources for art history students include the Abroms-Engel Institute for Visual Arts, the Birmingham Museum of Art, and numerous local and regional art spaces and galleries. The department also maintains a regular program of visiting artists, scholars, and critics.

B.A. in Art History

Art History concerns itself with human history through the study of painting, sculpture, architecture and the graphics and decorative arts. Art History considers these arts as creative processes—as expressions of human ideas, feelings, and conditions of life. The study of Art History allows students to immerse themselves in cultural and aesthetic issues.

Through the study of Art History, students gain an awareness of the values and social conditions embodied in great works of art. This knowledge is shaped by a familiarity with the art and architecture produced by world civilizations and an ability to analyze and understand the quality of art from diverse cultures and periods.

A degree in Art History emphasizes visual as well as verbal and written literacy, tools that are critically important in a global society. The skills learned from the study of art history are widely transferable, and highly valued by employers across all business sectors.

For more information about the B.A. in Art History, please contact the Art History faculty, Cathleen Cummings, Jessica Dallow, or Noa Turel.

For information about the M.A. in Art History, please visit the M.A. in Art History page.


B.A. Art History Capstone Projects

B.A. Art History Capstone Projects

The B.A. Art History capstone course enables students to fortify their knowledge of art history and convey their qualifications as emerging professionals. Students explore post-baccalaureate options, prepare professional materials, and hone art historical skills through activities such as conducting research, writing for different audiences, curating exhibitions and presenting research at a symposium.

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