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Dual Master’s in Biology and Education

Teacher and middle school-aged student using microscope.Has teaching biology been your calling and dream career that you always wanted to pursue? As a biology teacher, you can inspire your students to appreciate the beauty of the world’s many life forms, show them connections between the molecules, organisms and their ecosystems, and help them gain a heightened awareness of their environment and its sustainable preservation.

UAB’s Dual Master’s in Biology and Education degree program provides the opportunity for students with a background in biology to pursue a career in education. You will engage in an expertly designed curriculum that balances biology content with pedagogy and classroom techniques. You will gain proficiency in natural sciences, including biochemistry, various fields of biology, environmental science and evolution, while acquiring cutting-edge skills necessary to teach this content to students in grades 6-12 and in junior colleges. By pursuing this career pathway, you will learn how to adopt best teaching practices, analyze current research, learn to communicate complex topics and ideas and explore diverse biology concepts within the context of real-world examples..

Program Highlights

  • Upon completion of the Dual Masterʻs program, you will have earned an MS in Biology and MA in Education. You will receive Class A Teacher Certificate in General Science from the Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE).
  • With your teacher certification, you are eligible to teach biology and all other science disciplines in grades 6-12.
  • With your MS in biology, you are qualified to teach biology at the post-secondary level (e.g., community college).
  • During your final year, you can teach in secondary schools with full salary and benefits.
  • You are eligible to receive a TEACH grant and, if available, CESAME’s NOYCE scholarship.
  • If teaching science in grades 6-12, you are eligible for student loan repayment through the AL Math & Science Teacher Education Program.
  • You keep your options open for a future career in scientific research.


For more information, contact the Graduate Program Directors:


Dr. Peggy Biga
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Dr. Paulette Evans
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