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Assistant Professor This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Heritage Hall 341
(205) 934-8915

Research and Teaching Interests: Digital and mobile news technology, gender and race in media, transnational political participation

Office Hours: By appointment


  • B.A., Hunan University, China, Journalism & Mass Communication
  • M.A., Hunan University, China, Science Communication
  • Ph.D., Louisiana State University, Media & Public Affairs

Starting with an ambition to become a journalist that speaks up for the underrepresented groups in the society, I chose to major in journalism (with an emphasis on print media) during my undergraduate years. Yet news reporting is far from sufficient to get people’s voice heard. The many intended effects the mass media seek to achieve are contingent on a plethora of factors, including who the primary consumers are, in what situations they consume the information, how a message is presented in the media, and so on. In my pursuit of answers to these questions, I finally found my interest in media effects research and became a teacher-scholar in areas including diversity and difference in communication, digital and mobile news technology, and transnational political participation, etc.

  • Recent Courses
    • Multiculturalism in Media
    • Introduction to Mass Communication
    • Mass Media and Society
  • Select Publications
    • Searles, K., Darr, J. P., Sui, M., Kalmoe, N., Pingree, R., & Watson, B. (2021). Partisan media effects beyond one-shot experimental designs. Political Science Research and Methods, 1-9.
    • Darr, J. P., Perry, B. N., Dunaway, J. L., & Sui, M. (2020). Seeing Spanish: The Effects of Language-Based Media Choices on Resentment and Belonging. Political Communication, 37(4), 488-511.
    • Sui, M., & Paul, N. (2019). Latinos in Twitter News: The Effects of Newsroom and Audience Diversity on the Visibility of Latinos on Twitter. Howard Journal of Communications, 1-21.
    • Sui, M., Paul, N., Shah, P., Spurlock, B., Chastant, B., & Dunaway, J. (2018). The role of minority journalists, candidates, and audiences in shaping race-related campaign news coverage. Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, 95(4), 1079-1102.
    • Sui, M., Dunaway, J., Sobek, D., Abad, A., Goodman, L., & Saha, P. (2017). US News Coverage of Global Terrorist Incidents. Mass Communication and Society, 20(6), 895-908.