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Internship ExperienceWhy do an internship? It's better to ask yourself why not. Employers look for experience when reading the resume of a potential employee. A recent college grad with multiple internships will be more attractive than one without that work experience. Employers know that internships give students hands-on experience with workplace skills, challenges, and environments — experiences that make those students valuable employees.

Internships give you the chance to try out a profession and collect references and professional contacts. You can also get course credit. If there's a downside to interning, we haven't heard about it.

Student Experiences

Internship ExperienceOur students may take from one to three hours of academic credit per semester in an area which complements their area of study, under the supervision of an advisor. Students have, in the past, completed internships in broadcast, journalism, public relations, education, healthcare, not-for-profit management, and government.

Students in 2022 interned at a wide variety of companies and organizations, including:

  • Alabama Sports Hall of Fame
  • Alabama Magazine
  • Children’s Theatre
  • Girl Spring
  • Good Grit Magazine
  • The Judge Frank M. Johnson Institute
  • Lake Homes Realty
  • 02 Ideas
  • Southern Poverty Law Center
  • Thompson Tractor Company
  • UAB Athletics
  • UAB Athletics
  • UAB Marketing & Communications
  • UAB University Relations
  • WBRC Fox 6
  • WJOX
  • Wilbron

How to Apply

Demand for internships in these areas is strong, and as one of our students, you will enjoy the opportunity to select an internship which best fits your interests, expand your learning, and help you to launch your career. Interested in applying? You'll need to be a junior or senior and have completed most of your coursework in the major and in the core. Specific requirements vary according to the area of concentration.

You can learn all about the requirements, how to apply for an internship, deadlines, and course requirements in the Department of Communication Studies Internship Packet…but here’s the shortcut:

  1. Meet with your advisor to be sure you’re eligible!
  2. Register for the course CMST 491: Internship.
  3. Once registered, you’ll have access to all internship openings and the updated internship packet for the semester you register!
  4. When you find an internship you are interested in, send a copy of the internship opportunity job description to Alan Franks for Broadcasting concentrations and by Dr. Shaia for all majors and concentration. All internships must be approved by Dr. Shaia in advance.
Download Internship Packet (doc)

Want to Know More?

Email Dr. Jacquelyn S. Shaia at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or meet with your advisor for more information on internships for credit.