Welcome to UAB’s Graduate Program in English, where our students pursue themes in Literature, Creative Writing, and/or Rhetoric and Composition — all of which lead to a Master of Arts in English.

Graduate Program At A Glance

  • Requirements: 31 hours of coursework (10 three-hour courses plus the one-hour EH 605).
  • An option to write a thesis (requires 6 credit hours of EH 699: Thesis Research) or to design and successfully complete a “30-books” exam (requires 3 credit hours of EH 698: Directed Studies).
  • Time to complete: The program is designed to take two academic years for full-time students. A student who begins in the fall semester can plan to graduate at the end of the spring semester of their second year.
  • Cost: Tuition and fees can be found on the UAB Students website.

We are proud that UAB has been designated by the Carnegie Foundation as one of 51 national universities with both “Very High Research Activity” and “Community Engagement.” Our class sizes are small, our professors are dedicated, and we genuinely care about our students’ success. Our students have gone on to some of the most respected PhD and MFA programs in the country; to careers in publishing, law, and advertising; and to successful teaching careers in both two- and four-year colleges and universities.

Why UAB?

We have a fine faculty, including many professors who publish and present their scholarship in venues all over the world. At UAB you are assured access to faculty who are not only excellent teachers but are also influential in the field on a national and even international scale.

What's more, UAB is located in the heart of Birmingham, the largest city in Alabama. It offers an array of cultural activities and employment opportunities that would be the envy of many other universities. In addition, since UAB is a large and vibrant research university, we have excellent library facilities and other campus support for graduate student activities and graduate student life.

And most important: over the last few years many graduate programs in English have split apart, with the rhetoric/composition people approaching their subject matter and coursework in a mode completely different from the literature people, and both areas completely removed from the creative writers. At UAB, our emphasis is inclusion and integration. Students who are most keenly interested in Rhetoric and Composition will often be sitting next to students writing Creative theses — all in a course in Literature. Our effort has been to knit such diverse students and approaches together such that they illuminate and inspire one another. The result is that a UAB Master of Arts offers students a comprehensive and diverse approach to the discipline(s) of English.

Have Questions?

We invite you to explore the website to help you decide to join us for your studies. If you have any questions about the program, don't hesitate to contact us.