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Derrick Harriell

BPR 48 | 2021

pretend you don’t know me when dragging my body
down a bleeding highway and I’ll pretend
to do the same / if it’s friendly fire then he probably
had it coming / probably burned some kingdoms
when no one was watching but I don’t care much
at all / gives none fucks like pigeons after lunch /
I’ve told you migrate this world and conquer all desirable
provinces / I’ll do the same / like this woman who knows
your body better than me / who affirms he’s most likely
the problem / like a body and a problem can share
a province / like a problem and a body can share street
corners / one time my cousin’s gun jammed under
a streetlight’s apathy / we paraded abroad and I believe
this the first time it’s been mentioned / four boys made out
with the afterlife on a midnight’s porch / how forgetful
an almost death is / we don’t mention your gynecologist
like the adolescent daughter my uncle doesn’t mention /
sometimes I pimp past aborted bluebirds because something’s
holding my concentration / your gynecologist thinks of you when
dragging her husband down highways of crumble / don’t you
feel it in your stomach like a fetus catching the holy ghost