The Collins Prize

Publication in Birmingham Poetry Review grants each author eligibility for the Collins Prize. This prize awards $500 annually to the best poem or group of poems published in BPR as judged by a poet of national reputation. Robert Collins, one of the journal’s founding editors, offers this prize in memory of his parents Veronica C. and John J. Collins.

Cover of BPR number 44.Past Winners

2019 (for poems appearing in issue 46)

Sandy Longhorn
Judge: Stephen Kampa
Read online: Sisters Grown Distant

2018 (for poems appearing in issue 45)

Shara Lessley
Judge: Hastings Hensel
Read online:

2017 (for poems appearing in issue 44)

Stephen Kampa
Judge: Richie Hofmann
Read online:

2016 (for poems appearing in issue 43)

Brandon Courtney
Judge: Dora Malech
Read online:

2015 (for poems appearing in issue 42)

Michelle Chan Brown
Judge: Caki Wilkinson
Read online: The Drinker's Almanac

2014 (for poems appearing in issue 41)

Melissa Range
Judge: Chad Davidson
Read online: A Skiff of Snow

2013 (for poems appearing in issue 40) 

James Davis May
Judge: Juliana Gray
Read online: Two Angels

2012 (for his poem appearing in issue 39)

J. D. Schraffenberger
Judge: Gregory Fraser
Read online: The First Person

2011 (for poems appearing in issue 38)

Medbh McGuckian
Judge: C. Dale Young
Read online: Noir Poem