Master of History

If you love history, we would love to see you here. Whether you want to teach at a high school, work in a museum or state archives, become a lawyer, or eventually earn a PhD, we want to help you achieve your goals.

The graduate history program provides students an opportunity to work closely with faculty who are active research scholars in a wide variety of fields, covering periods ranging from classical antiquity to post-war Europe, and geographic specializations including the United States, Asia, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East.

Students completing the MA degree receive a solid grounding in research methods, historical writing, and the scholarly literature in their chosen area of concentration. Our students are a diverse group hailing from throughout Alabama, across the country, and around the world, who go on to pursue careers as teachers at the secondary and post-secondary levels, museum workers, historic preservationists, lawyers, journalists, and knowledge workers in a variety of other professions in which rigorous thinking, meticulous research skills, and good writing are in demand.