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The history graduate program provides opportunities for students to learn the techniques of research and broaden their knowledge of historical literature. Students may choose Plan I, which includes writing a thesis based on original research using primary sources, or Plan II, which requires the completion of M.A. exams in three historical topics.

All students are required to enroll in HY 601 (Historiography) and HY 602 (Historical Research and Writing) and must take at least 30 hours of their course work in graduate seminars. Each student must take a minimum of 9 hours of course work in U.S. history and 9 hours in non-U.S. history.

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See the Graduate Catalog for an up-to-date list of course descriptions and an overview of what to expect when pursuing a Master's Degree at UAB.

Note: Students interested in Teaching Certification for Public Schools should contact the School of Education and Human Sciences.

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